Discovering the Bridge of Hope [OA01_14] uses the bridge motif to help us understand how we are to safely but assuredly reach our destination of Peace of God.

Discovering the Bridge of HopeOvercome Anxiety: Finding Peace, Discovering God

When my anxious thoughts multiply within me,
Thy consolations
delight my soul.

Bridges enable us to cross over rough terrain with relative ease. Some bridges might have their own challenges in crossing over, but they are still much better than remaining behind or risking to cross over the rugged ground below.

How do we cross?

Overcome Anxiety: Finding Peace, Discovering God#1 Leaving our worries behind

We will need to focus on those things that need to be left behind, dropped from our lives, habits cut out.

#2 Looking ahead to God's Peace

We will need to see how God makes promises to us, equips us and deepens our relationship with Him.

Only need a little hope to make it there.

Can we make it across?

Yes. With the Lord you can cross. It is essential that we deal with our worries now before they get worse. We only need a little hope to cross. Do you have that hope? Are you willing to go with God on this journey across the bridge? In one sense it will take a life time. On the other hand, you will see dramatic improvement once you put your hand in His.

We are asking that you sign your name and date as a confirmation that you will go on this life journey with the Lord.
By signing, you mean, "I am willing for God to take me on this life journey to leave my worries and seek His peace in my heart."

What guidelines are there?

We have three guidelines for a smooth journey.

1) Get closer to God (James 4:8)

2) Listen intently to the Lord (John 10:27)

3) Confidently do what He tells you.(1 John 5:3)

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