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Book of ACTS

Book of Acts

The Antioch Church:

A Model for our Churches

The Bible Teacher's Commentary

Acts 13:1-3 (11:19-30)

Paul J. Bucknell

Purpose: A Bible exposition of The Antioch Church Model on Acts 13:1-3 shows how the Spirit of God shapes churches that actually are great examples for us. Are we ready for the challenge? Why after two millenniums do we still not get it straight? (Part 1 of 5).

Introduction Acts 13:1-3 | Leadership Acts 13:1 | Diversity Acts 13:1 |
God-seeking Acts 13:2 | Mission-minded Acts 13:3
Video Podcast on Acts 13:1-3

A Model for our Churches

As believers discuss the early parts of Acts, two questions are often asked. These questions are important for us and the church as a whole. Either of the questions could occupy our whole time together. Each question is wholly applicable to us here today.

(1) What is its purpose?

What is it that God had done way back then in the church? How does it relate to us? How are we different or the same from those people God dealt with back then?

What is the church suppose to be like? What is our part in what God is doing? How much have I understood, sought and prioritized this purpose?

(2) Is it replicable?

Is the whole or parts of the great beginning of the church able to be transported to people in different places, languages and times? If not, how are we to relate to it? If so, how?

ActsThe first question causes us to wonder about how to more effectively see God work in our own lives and churches. Is what He did there special and isolated or is it to be sought after and obtained by each generation and church? Do you seek revival for your own life? For your church? For your country? Why or why not?

Acts 13 is a key passage that helps us grasp what can be elusive questions. I suggest that the church in Antioch is a picture of what God wants to do in all parts of the world. As we study the church at Antioch, we will see the goals God has for the church around the world, how He can work in and through a church and what is needed to reach this point.

We should remember, however, that other churches might model other crucial aspects needed in a church such as love. If we keep the seven churches of Revelation (Revelation 2-3) in mind, we will be kept from idolizing a church and properly learn what we can from this great church.

Let’s look closely at Acts 13:1-3 and use Acts 11:19-30 as further background of the church at Antioch. Hopefully as we exposit 13:1-3, we will begin to find answers to the above questions. There are four special aspects of the Antioch church that we can learn from.

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