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The Lord Your Healer: 

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Discover Him and Find His Healing Touch

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Overcoming Anxiety: Finding Peace, Discovering God


Survey of the Gospel of John

John 5:10-24

Bible Study Questions

Learning About Jesus’ Authority

The Bible Teaching Commentary

Paul J. Bucknell


Gospel of John: Purpose | Power | Penetration | Plan
Survey of Gospel of John: Teaching video | Audio

John 5:1-9 Questions | John 5:19-20 Questions | John 5:10-24 Questions
John 5:19-20 Christian Living by Understanding the Mind of Christ


Provide Bible Study Questions for John 5:10-24, Learning About Jesus’ Authority, so that we can fully appreciate Christ's deity and properly respond to and follow Jesus.

Bible Study Questions on John 5:10-24

Learning about Jesus’ Authority

  1. What were the Jews talking to the healed man about? Do you think that strange (5:9b-10)? Why or why not?

  2. How did the man respond to them (5:11)?

  3. Why didn’t the man know who healed him (5:12-13)?

  4. Where did Jesus find that healed man (5:14)? What is the significance of that?

  5. What did Jesus say to him (5:14)? Why might Jesus say such a thing?

  6. Why do you think that the man told the Jews who healed him (5:15)?

  7. From the Jews’ reaction, do you think Jesus snuck away from the crowd at the healing to avoid the crowd (5:15-16)?

  8. We see that the Jews had not only talked to the healed man but also to Jesus (5:17). How did Jesus answer them about the healing on the Sabbath?

  9. What is the Sabbath? Why would anyone be upset with the healing?

  10. How did Jesus further exasperate the Jews in 5:17-18?

  11. How did Jesus amplify the meaning of His sonship in 5:19? (Think ‘like father like son’)

  12. What other element of the father-son relationship did Jesus use in 5:20?

  13. What authority does the Father give the Son in 5:21?

  14. What authority does John say the Father gives the Son in 5:22?

  15. For what reason does the Father give the Son His authority (5:23)?

  16. What promise does Jesus state in John 5:24?

  17. From what Jesus says in 5:24 does Jesus expect us to think that His words are greater than, equal to or less than God the Father’s words? What about your words?

  18. Is Jesus speaking of physical or spiritual life in 5:25-26? How do you know?

  19. What might ‘Son of Man’ mean (5:27)? How does that contrast with ‘Son of God’ in 5:25?

  20. What authority of Jesus is mentioned in 5:27?

  21. Read aloud 5:28-29. What truths about the following topics are assumed or stated from these two verses?


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Study CornerDiscussion questions on John 5:10-24

Passing on genuine care

When Jesus steps into a person’s life, everything changes. It did this for the lame man. Sometimes we are a bit reluctant to care for the needy. We do not know what to say. But do notice that Jesus did not heal or even talk to everyone.

How did Jesus only minister to that one man there? Check out John 5:19-20. How can we begin to implement this strategic input of God’s love and power into the lives of others?

Examining our talk

Not many people genuinely believe in a judgment anymore. Many of their decisions are made as if there is no judgment. This might be true with us too as believers. What is the difference between a professing believer and a genuine believer? Are we living ‘good’ lives (5:29) or just fooling ourselves with a empty profession, “I believe in Christ” but do not obey Him?


When John presents Jesus’ ministry and teaching, we find that it matches well with what we read in John 1 about who the Word is. Jesus is God and lives on earth to bring life into the world. If a person has this Jesus-given life, then we should expect to see that life radically impact his or her life.

Scriptures typically quoted from the New American Standard Bible unless noted: (C) Copyright The Lockman Foundation 1988

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