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Goodness of God

Learn how your godliness is dependent on how much you know God as good.

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key to life

The Key to Life


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Equipping the Saints - Ephesians 4

The Purpose of Training

Mission ready!

Mission Ready

Sending out of the Twelve Disciples

Luke 9:57-10:2

The Bible Teaching Commentary

Paul J. Bucknell

Click the video below to view four ways to prepare us for mission work.

Purpose: Four ways to make us mission ready just like our Master Jesus!

We gain a great deal of insight when we carefully listen to what Jesus expected when He called the disciples to follow Him. In the study below, we will find our common description of a Christian is not quite the same as Jesus' description. What are we to do then ?

Gospel of Luke

Video Podcast Luke 9:57-10:2: Mission Ready!

Mission Ready | Heart Preparation & Questions (Luke 9:57-62)

Mission Involvement (Luke 10:1) | Biblical Worldview (Luke 10:2a) | Prayer (Luke 10:2b)