1 JOhn 5:21 Understanding Life's Problems

We all worship. We just need to find out who we worship!

These are the study questions for a series entitled 'Understanding Life's Problems' on 1 John 5:21. An index is provided in order to find the answers if indeed it is needed. The questions are given in order according to the five different parts to this series.

Bible Study Questions

1 John 5:21

Little children, guard yourselves from idols.

1. What are some problems that people face around you? Why do people have these problems?

2. What does John say is a key to understanding the nature of our life problems in 1 John 5:21?

3. What does he say for us to do to protect ourselves from them? What might that mean?

4. Why are idols dangerous?

5. What does Paul the Apostle state about the danger of idolatry in 1 Corinthians 10:14?  Do you think they are dangerous?

6. What does the Apostle means by 1 Corinthians 10:19-20? Are the idols themselves a threat? Why or why not? Please explain.

7. What kind of heart is expected of us toward God? Read and look at Mark 12:30.

8. Idolatry is split devotion or divided affection from the Lord. What does Deuteronomy 4:23-24 say is the danger of being less than fully devoted to God?

9. Reflect how the beginning of 1 John 5:21 is an appropriate close to the Book of 1 John. Compare it with 1 John 1:1-4 (the beginning).

10. John is seeking the fullness of life for our lives (1 John 1:4). Deviation from this full devotedness always brings what to our lives?

11. How might backsliding be associated with idols? Can you state any biblical passage to support your thoughts? (eg. look at the Book of Judges).

12. Why are figurines of Jesus, Mary, angels or Buddha not acceptable? What is their danger? What should we say to those who say that ‘idols’ are nothing? Is it then okay to have them?

13. What is the most common idol now in the world? How does it practically influence our lives?

14.  Define and describe the danger of humanism and hedonism.

15. Discuss how the worship of man has  commonly superseded the worship of God. Observe at least four items from the contrast chart of ‘God’s Word and Man’s Word.’

16. People made no room for the birth of Jesus. In a true way, we have not given Christ full room in our own lives. How much room should He have? Name at least one place in your life that you now will give Him full rule. How will that make a difference in your decisions?

17.  Even if we have forsaken the Lord, can we still come back to Him? Can we be so far away that He doesn’t want us? See Psalm 9:10.

18. How should we live with so many idols about us? Read and reflect on Psalm 138:1.

Understanding Life's Problems (1 John 5:21)

A. The Source of Life’s Problems
B. Understanding Idolatry
C. Guard Yourselves: Being Delivered from Idols
D. Describing Our Idols
E.  Making Room for the Lord
Bible Study Questions on 1 John 5:21

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