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Psalm 63:1-11 Introduction

Psalm 63:2

The Bible Teaching Commentary

3) Great prayers always result from an encounter with God

Paul J. Bucknell

Psalm 63:2: David had seen God in His power and glory. “Thus I have beheld Thee in the sanctuary, to see thy power and They glory” (Psalm 63:2). What does this refer to? We cannot be sure. He is not like Moses or Elijah. There were no recorded miraculous spiritual encounters that David had with God. But we need to understand that God does not always reveal His power and glory in the same way to each and every person. David found God’s power in his daily routines.

Introduction Psalm 63:1-11

1) Sincere prayers (Psalm 63:1a).
2) Powerful prayers (Psalm 63:1b).
3) Great prayers (Psalm 63:2).
4) Affectionate prayers (Psalm 63:3-5).
5) Uplifting prayers (Psalm 63:6-8).
6) Faith prayers (Psalm 63:9-11).
Study Questions on Psalm 63

“Thus I have beheld Thee in the sanctuary,
to see thy power and They glory”
(Psalm 63:2).

David could have referred to many an occasion. One does not need visions and dreams to meet God. He just needs open eyes and a humble heart. For example, David could have been prideful straddling over Goliath the giant. After all it was David’s great aim, was it not? But no. David came clearly in the name of the Lord God. This is the way he treated all of his battles.

Prayer enables a man to ask God for what God knows man already needs. He doesn’t need us to ask Him for anything but because He wants to cultivate a proper relationship, He asks us to ask Him. In this case, when our prayers are answered, we are humbled and connect the answer to prayer to God and our prayer. We are overwhelmed at God’s grace and again fall to our knees in prayer and worship.  This is where all answers to prayers ought to lead us: first to observe God’s mighty power and then back to our knees in awe at God’s kindness in so dealing with us. The question needs to be brought forth, “Have we seen or met God?” Where? When? Have you so met God that your life was changed? This is what happens when we become a Christian, but it also can happen several times in life when we see God’s great and amazing power and grace at work.

During our genuine conversion, we become very aware of our sins. One does not need to tell us about our sins. Our sins are so clear because an awareness of God’s holiness opens our eyes to our wickedness. The Lord has revealed Himself to us. When God’s gracious love is revealed through His only Son’s death for our sins, we become utterly humbled and awed at His love.

What if you haven’t seen God? I can only say that religion is born in places where man does not see God. He can speak the right words and say this and that, but in his heart he has not met up with God. Religion is born in man’s prideful thought and imagination about how he deserves God’s goodness, while in true conversion God chops down our pride by showing how we deserve His wrath.

We are desperate because we know we deserve nothing but hell in its hottest fire for our unwillingness to obey Him. But then we see the cross of Christ. We know that our Lord wants to forgive us. We only need to repent and believe. It is then we  run to the cross to be forgiven and to be loved and to be accepted forever and ever.

If you haven’t met God, your prayers are rather selfish and dry. There has been no true life imparted to you. One might know God exists but never have encountered Him.

If you want to meet God, it is much easier than you think. If you don’t want to meet Him, then it is mighty hard to see Him.  Tell God that you would love to meet Him and be changed by Him. You might even use David’s earlier words to describe your empty heart wanting to be filled by His wonderful love in Christ.

Continue on : 4) Affectionate prayers respond to God’s love with adoration (Psalm 63:3-5). Study Questions

1) Sincere prayers often derive from desperate circumstances (Psalm 63:1a).

2) Powerful prayers openly reveal their dependence upon God (Psalm 63:1b).

3) Great prayers always result from an encounter with God (Psalm 63:2).

4) Affectionate prayers respond to God’s love with adoration (Psalm 63:3-5).

5) Uplifting prayers reflect on God’s past marvelous works (Psalm 63:6-8).

6) Faith prayers enable one to face difficult situations with courage (Psalm 63:9-11).
Study Questions on Psalm 63

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