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revive devotions

Catching the Excitement of Personal Devotions & Quiet Times

The Cycle to Fall Away from the Lord - Book of Judges

The Cycle of Decline - Judges

Spirit Dependent Living Isaiah 11

Spirit-Dependent Living
Isaiah 11:1-5

Waiting for ministry

Waiting for Ministry
(1 Samuel 16)

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Righteousness without Compromise

Righteousness without Compromise

"Only a little sin won't matter."

Isaiah Studies

Isaiah 6:1-12 Four Steps to Righteous Living

How do we live righteous lives?
Examine Isaiah's calling to see the pattern of following the Lord.

Isaiah 9:6-7 The Government and Names of Yahweh

Each name reveals the glorious way the Lord rules His kingdom.

Isaiah 11:1-5 Spirit Dependent Living

Isaiah 11:1-5 shares the three keys needed in drawing close to God. Seven special 'Spirit' qualities are shared with practical insights. (Study Questions included)

Isaiah 11:6-16 Christ's Rule

Isaiah 11:6-16 is suppose to give us faith today! Learn five arguments why the 'wolf will lie down with the lamb' is for today. (Study Questions included)

Isaiah 29-32 Waiting and Planning

Eight principles on how to make good plans that resolve the tension between self-reliance and trusting God. (Study Questions included)

Isaiah 38 Steps to Waiting upon God

Three key principles are found in this passage to shape our own decision making process during crisis times. (Study Questions included)

Isaiah 40:1-5 Understanding Discipleship

Feel frustrated with your Christian growth? At a plateau? Learn the key ways the Lord builds effective disciples! (Study Questions included)

Isaiah 50:4-5 The Heart of True Discipleship

Be introduced to discipleship here! Included in this study is the training, purpose, disciplines and needed attentiveness of the disciple.

Isaiah 53 (52:13-53:12) The Making of a Godly Leader

Isaiah 60:1-5 A Shining Light

How do we allow God's light to shine in us so that we become effective lights in this dark world? What does it mean to be light? (Study Questions included)

Isaiah 66:18-22 Declare His Glory Among the Nations

God has a mission which He is going to fulfill. God is determined (18), able (19) and has a plan (20-22). The more we align our lives with Him, the more our lives are fulfilled. (Study Questions included)

Christ's Rule
Isaiah 11:6-16
Bible Study Questions
Book of Isaiah : Christ's Kingdom Rule

The power of the Gospel
through the world!

The Bible Teacher's Commentary

Paul J. Bucknell

Isaiah 11:6-16 Three Interpretations
Argument #1 Word context | #2 Logical presentation
#3 Last section's timing | #4 'My holy mountain' | #5 'In that day'
Isaiah 11:6-16 Bible study questions
Isaiah Outline | Timeline | Overview | Brief Introductions
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Bible Study Questions
for Isaiah 11:6-16


Isaiah 11:6-16 Bible Study Questions provides both interpretation and application questions to be able to grasp the potency of these verses for our lives.

Isaiah 11:1-5. We should humble ourselves before Christ and constantly seek His anointing by His Spirit and live out our lives doing the will of God.

Bible Study Questions for Isaiah 11:1-5

A. Isaiah 11:6-9 - The Power of the Gospel

We should expect great changes from our ministry in the people around us. Just think what happened when Jesus walked through that Samaritan town to get a drink of water. The whole town was radically changed. All of God's people know God through Christ and should dwell in His presence. We will obey and love one another. We will do whatever the Lord wants that His kingdom might grow.

  1. Are verses 6-9 separated from 1-5? If so, why?

  2. In either the NASB or KJV, do a study of what starts and stops each section in chapter 11.

  3. Isaiah 11:6.  And the wolf will dwell with the lamb, And the leopard will lie down with the kid, And the calf and the young lion and the fatling together; And a little boy will lead them. (Isaiah 11:6, NASB).Describe the contrasts in verses 6-8. Anything surprise you? Why do they surprise you? When will this happen? Could it perhaps be taken figuratively?

  4. Verse 9 says where this would happen. Where is this?

  5. Do a word study on the phrase 'holy mountain.' Is it true now for the 20th century that people from all around the world know God through Christ? Is this what is being referred to in 11:9?

  6. Check out Hebrews 8:10-11 or 1 Peter 2:9-12. What might these two passages have to do with these verses?

Study questions

  • Analyze three different situations that Jesus met with some person, group or town.

  • Explain what the situation was like before He came, briefly summarize what happened when He was there, and then what was the situation like when He left?

Application questions

  • What happens when we enter or leave a situation? Is there any positive change, either with our family, neighbors or colleagues?

B. Isaiah 11:10-16 - The Expansion of the Gospel

See Matthew 13:31-32 | Video

God's plan is to not only anoint the Messiah or His 12 disciples with His Spirit. The Lord is clearly working in all the nations and even at some point in the lives of the stubborn Jews. He has not ruled out any race. All can be filled with His Spirit and walk in light of His Spirit. We must take His message to all.

  1. When the Spirit of God comes, we see people changed. What are the two groups that are mentioned that God will specifically deal with (11:10 and 11:11-16)?

  2. The phrase "that day" is used twice. Which day is it referring to?

  3. What is 'lifted up' for these two groups that rallies them (11:10 and 11:12)? (Note: NIV rightly shows it is the same Hebrew word). What might this refer to?

  4. Reflect on this phrase, 'lifted up', with John 3:15-16 and John 12:32. Do you think this is what is being referred to?

  5. Why does Paul in Romans 15:12 quote Isaiah 11:10? What is he trying to prove? If this is the case, are these verses for now in the NT period or for some distant millennium period?

Application questions

  • How active are you in praying and telling others about this great Messiah?

  • How much have you given to missions, in prayer, time and money? Why? Do you show yourself to really believe Christ's great mission purpose?