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The Lord Your Healer: 

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Discover Him and Find His Healing Touch

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The Bible Teaching Commentary on Genesis: The Book of Foundations

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Relational Discipleship: Cross Training teaching series

Relational Discipleship: Cross Training

Paul J. Bucknell

Husband-Wife: Introduction |
Oneness | Headship | Trust | Faithfulness | Projects

Growing in our relationships
with God and people!

Husband and Wife

Faithful to my commitment

Christ is Head

Understand and appreciate authority.

1) Understanding Headship and Authority

Authority is a very misunderstood topic. Let’s first see what the Bible says about this matter. Fill in the blanks below from the verses below.

For the husband is the head of the wife, as Christ also is the head of the A, He Himself being the savior of the body (Ephesians 5:23).

__________________ is the head of __________________

__________________ is the head of __________________

The ‘is’ in the above sentences leaves no question to the fact of these two assertions. Can you without exception state this is so? Why or why not? Does a bad experience change these truths?

2) Crises with Authority

If you have seen hypocritical leaders, insincere husbands or just listen to the media, you might be one of the many people who strongly detest any form of authority. Along with this critical perspective is a strongly negative attitude that anything good can come from such an arrangement. Here are three challenges to confront and overcome in order to gain a great marriage or a good Christian experience in the modern context.

(1) Man believes he has a right to choose what he wants. He is ‘in charge’ of his own destiny. Humanism considers authority evil including the idea of headship in the context of Christianity or marriage.

(2) Modern man believes that he can change his mind about prior commitments as he sees fit. A person’s changing viewpoint is more important than a vow. Divorce and remarriage become options.

(3) Submissiveness or compliance is considered a weakness and quite unable to sustain a person for normal living in the context of our modern world. It is looked at with disdain.

3) Our Hope: The Word of God

Because of the challenges to our faith, God has given us commands to direct us when we are confused and unsure about what is right. In particular, God has given a similar directive for both wives and the church.

Wives, be subject to your own husbands, as to the Lord. But as the church is subject to Christ, so also the wives ought to be to their husbands in everything (Ephesians 5:22,24).

These commands for the church and wives are not optional. All Christians must submit to Christ’s commands. All wives must subject themselves to their husbands. In the above verses, circle the phrase, “in everything.”

Application: The need for a proper response demands a change in how we respond to the one in authority over us.

(1) Accept subjection as God’s best. Plan to always obey.

(2) Confess bad behaviors and attitudes toward the one in authority over you.

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Relational  Discipleship: Cross Training by Paul J. Bucknell

A strategic basic discipleship series designed to help Christians grow not only in their relationship with God but also with other people. BFF Discipleship Traning CDEach section uses a familiar relationship to bring out basic but very practical Biblical teaching.

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