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The Faithfulness of God

The Faithfulness of God

God’s Faithful Plan

Confident He will help me where and when I need it.

Rev. Paul J. Bucknell

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Purpose: God’s Faithful Plan shows the many ways God has demonstrated and clarified His great faithfulness.

God’s Faithful Plan

God’s plans are wrapped up in His great merciful redemptive plan.

“The LORD’S lovingkindnesses indeed never cease, for His compassions never fail. They are new every morning; Great is Thy faithfulness” (Lamentations 3:22-23).

From Lamentations 3:22-23 we find that God is faithful in exhibiting His love and compassion. God’s faithfulness is said to be great because His commitment to persistently execute His mercy toward us sinners in Christ Jesus is unchangeable.

God’s plans are wrapped up in His great redemptive plan, “They are new every morning.” God’s redemptive plan stands as the most pivotal interweaving through all aspects of our lives. It is the untouchable plan.

God is faithful to His Word. What He reveals, He commits to. All the promises in the past about bringing God’s people into the land of Canaan is true. Today we still see the land Israel, a hallmark of God’s promises in the past and many believe to be a place of God’s mighty working in the future.

God’s comprehensive redemptive plan, a plan above other plans (Ephesians 3:7-11), is accentuated by God’s promises and thus enfolds the many other variables of life. It is the untouchable plan. God, however, is not faithful in just one area but in all areas of our lives.

God’s great faithfulness is exhibited in all His actions and ways.

God's faithful redemptive plan - diagram

God’s faithfulness assures us that what He says will come about, including both His comfort from His ongoing presence as well as fear from His coming judgment.

“Everything about God is great, vast and incomparable. He never forgets, never fails, never falters never forfeits His Word” (A.W. Pink, Attributes of God, p.59).

Though there are many areas of life that God is faithful, such as in giving us air and food, we should not forget this faithfulness to His compassion. This perhaps is the most significant as it is the most needed and unlikely.

While general care for His creatures can be observed, it is precisely our rebellious, hardened, sullied hearts that beg for change from His compassion. We remember very clearly the time God told Moses to get out of the way because He wants to destroy the unthankful and idolatrous Israelites.

Everything about God is great, vast and incomparable. He never forgets, never fails, never falters never forfeits His Word” (A.W. Pink

As we study God’s faithfulness, our hearts will be encouraged. God is faithful to His person and plan. Unlike humans, God does not change His plans for His wisdom has enabled Him to perfectly see all the implications of His plan including His patient treatment of us sinners.

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