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Knowing God: Experience & Love Him

Knowing God: Experience & Love Him

The Wrath of God: Summary & Study Questions

 God's wrath assures us of His thorough justice.

Paul J. Bucknell

Introduction & video on God's wrath | Definition & description wrath | Wrath & mercy | Anger against unbelievers | God's great patience | Common misunderstandings | Reflections on God's wrath | Anger against believers | God's anger is different for His people | Summary and Study questions
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Purpose: A summary of the most important observations of God's wrath is here provided along with Bible study questions.

Summary on Article on God's Wrath

the CrossGod's anger, though equally sourced in our rebellious behavior, is differently handled between unbelievers and believers in Christ.

Though full judgment is put off for the unbeliever so that they might come to know the Lord's grace. It is only for a short while that man has to call upon the Lord in His need and then the door of opportunity is closed, never to open again, as he forever suffers judgment under God's hand.

God equally dislikes disobedience with the Christian but the believer is hidden in Christ, that is, His sins are judged in Christ. He stands free. But practically speaking, God chastises the believer so that He might share in God's rewards and displays God's righteousness.

The way we conduct our lives as pure and holy people of God does make an extreme difference upon our lives, not in terms of salvation, but in terms of reward.

Bible Study Questions on God's Wrath

  1. What is God's wrath or anger?

  2. How does God's anger originate and reveal itself?

  3. How can God be angry and yet loving? Is this a contradiction?

  4. What are ‘mini' judgments and how do they relate to the full judgment of God?

  5. Is hell real? Describe its dangers.

  6. Why should we believe in hell?

  7. God never carries out injustice, but why does it seem that He allows so much injustice to occur.

  8. Christian believers have sinned. Will God's wrath be partial toward them? Explain.

  9. Describe how the fear of God is related to our belief of the Lord's wrath. What does our foolishness and brazen immorality show us?

  10. Do believers suffer from God's anger? If so, explain how. Refer to the scriptures.

  11. How is our lack of evangelistic zeal a sign of unbelief? How should these truths properly guide our lives to proclaim God's truths?


This concludes this article on the Wrath of God. Please continue to let on the mercy of God.

Scriptures typically quoted from the New American Standard Bible unless noted: (C) Copyright The Lockman Foundation 1988

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