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Video seminar Sesyon #1/12

Pagpasiugda sa Spirituhanon Pagtubo diha sa Simbahan

Isaias 50:4 (Pahat 1/2)

Philippines: Translated from English into Visaya, Cebuano

Rev. Paul J. Bucknell
Translated by Berwyn Villadares

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Ang Kasing-kasing Pagkatinon-an: Ang sumbanan sa sumusunod kang Hesus mao ang tininuod nga pagpadayag sa bibliya diha sa Isaias 50:4-9 Kinsa nagpakita kung unsa-on mahisama kang Hesus uban sa pinasahi hinungdanon sa pag-awat ni Hesus ingon nga panag-ingnan sa pagkatinon-an, pahat 1 ug sa 2.

Isaiah 50: 4 (Part 1/2) The Heart of Discipleship: The Art of Following Jesus translated from English into Visaya, Cebuano.

This video should automatically begin below. Some discussion questions also are provided below as well as links to download for your convenience.

Isaiah 50:4-9: Download: Video | Audio
Complete Visayan handouts: pdf | epub | doc || #1 pdf
English: Powerpoint | Handout | Reading

The Heart of Discipleship

Bible Study Questions on Isaiah 50:4a-c

A.) The Training of the Disciple (Isaiah 50:4a)

"The Lord GOD has given Me the tongue of disciples."

  1. How eager are you to learn?

  2. Has pride settled in your heart? Christ learned each day.

  3. What proof do you have to show that you are still eager to learn?

B.) The Purpose of the Disciple (Isaiah 50:4b)

"The Lord GOD has given Me the tongue of disciples, That I may know how to sustain the weary one with a word."

  1. What is your motivation to learn? A good position, a wife, money, status, image?

  2. Is it possible that you just want people to esteem you?

  3. Who has the Lord laid on your heart to reach?

  4. What do you need to effectively reach out to these people?

  5. Ask the Lord to properly equip and train you.

  6. Why is it that the typical ministerial school is inadequate?

C.) The Discipline of the Disciple (Isaiah 50:4c)

"He awakens Me morning by morning."

  1. What time do you get up?

  2. Does the Lord wake you up? What does this mean?

  3. Are your first thoughts of each day on what the Lord has for you?

  4. How close is your relationship to God your Father?


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