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Strengthening Marriages in a Decadent Society

Paul J. Bucknell

The buffer zone is gone!

Marriage is under seige. We might think this is true of only certain areas of the world and therefore conclude we are protected. That thinking is suicidal. An insidious enemy is leaping across cultural and national boundaries. Your marriage and mine are at stake.

Destruction of Marriages: World culture entices usThis secular culture in the 20th century was largely limited to grand national attempts to radicalize their culture by erasing the old and implanting a new secular culture. Soviet Union, Germany, Cambodia and China are just a few examples. Today cultures of the world are under seige by a world culture rapidly spreading throughout the world by mass communication.

God has not been silent. Nor is He at all intimidated. God graciously has also been relasing the power of His truth into the world. Never before have we been able to so deeply understand the design and purpose of marriage. Like a modern high-tech bomb, the truths of God can easily demolish any threatening invasion.

We would like to strengthen your confidence in God's Word with the purpose to give you the ability to have good marriages. If we do not take the bull by the horns, they will be used to gore us. Any marital problem that is not resolved is an opene door for danger. Temptations just pour in. Let us learn how to get to the point where we can have good marriages. Here are three essential questions for marriage. Can you answer them?

A door ajar is like questiong our convictions on biblical marriages.Most married couples do not know how a marriage works. Where would they have learned the inner workings of a good marriage? If a person has had wonderful parents, then he has unconsciously learned many good things from them just by watching. Although, they might be able to replicate it, they more than often can not verbalize it to others.

Unfortunately, most people do not even have this good model to learn from their parents. We are convinced that every couple should be able to clearly answer each of the above questions.

Why? Our culture is no longer supporting marriage. The culture is making and taking every opportunity to destroy the foundations of godly families. Support for marriage no longer can be found in our cultures. We need to go back to the Word of God and stand firm. The average TV program reveals this hostility either by denigrating marriage by portraying a couple problems or by showing enticing points to alternative lifestyles. Would you ever see a godly family portrayed on screen where the father was wise and caring?! Not in this age.

As a result, many people are beginning to lack confidence that God's design is best for them. In fact many of them are now questioning if there is a design. All they see are marriage failures. People do not realize how much they have found support in traditional cultures. But the world culture has virtually isolated them from their traditional cultures and now expose them only to the world culture. Like a child who has wandered from his parents, so those who are not buttressed about by God's design and purpose are vulnerable to serious attacks.

The danger is at our door. We dare not leave the crack open. We provide many free materials to strengthen your marriage from a practical and biblical perspective. We heartedly encourage you to see how far that crack is open in your own marriage. If you are not yet married, it is still important to answer the questions above. We not only need to know the answers to these questions but to verbalize them to others. We need to affirm the truths of God.


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