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A Study Sheet for Marriage
Goal of Marriage: Intimacy

Paul J. Bucknell

This marriage sheet is designed to serve as a study sheet for five different marriage articles . We have eliminated graphics for easy printing or copying into your own word processor. We are hoping that with the questions in mind, your study will be more focused and profitable. You might try making a short prayer as a response to each significant thought.

Please note: by clicking on the main title, the article will appear in a new page. Other links will bring you directly to the section providing the answer to the question.


Your Goal for Marriage

1) What is your goal for marriage? Have you thought about this question before this study? Have you every talked about it with your wife or fiance?

2) Why do marriages often go bad so soon?

3) Go through the chart on the left and explain the three stages of a marriage with a modern mindset.

  • Their expectations
  • Their beliefs
  • Their end result

4) Go through the chart on the right and explain the three stages of a marriage with a godly mindset.

  • Their expectations
  • Their beliefs
  • Their end result
Assessment for a Couple

What is the goal for a marriage?
1) Have the husband and wife privately write down their goals for their marriage.
2) Compare their responses.

Further discussion
On a range from 0 to 10 (deep), how intimate is your marriage? What has helped and hindered them in gaining this intimacy?

Five Misconceptions of Good Marriages

1) List the five misconceptions of marriage.

2) Is there magic growth for a marriage? Why or why not?

4) Why is understanding the design of marriage so important to a good marriage?

5) How does one answer a person who denies the help of the scriptures because of a Christian who recently got divorced?

6) Why are good relational skills not good enough for a good marriage?

7) List one significant reason we need to eliminate all of these misunderstandings from our minds.

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Defending the Design of Marriage

1) List the reasons the two groups of people object to the idea of a design for marriage.
2) Why is it so important to understand and accept God's design for marriage?
3) What is the reasoning behind 'The Architect' evidence?
4) Why would make us expect God to pass on His plans about marriage to mankind?
5) Where can we find information about the beginning and purpose of marriage?
6) What is the proof for 'The Maker' evidence?
7) What does one say to someone who claims that Christians' bad marriages prove that God's design fails?
8) What might you say to a bitter person who is turned off to Christianity because of hypocritical parents?

Defining Intimacy

1) List the three areas of intimacy for marriages.
2) What is the basic reason that intimacy is mentioned as the goal for marriage couples?
3) What is the goal of marriage? How long should they pursue it?
4) Good marriages are a ________ to accomplish greater goals in life.
5) Good marriages are not inward looking because they focus on serving three groups. Name them.
6) Beyond serving these three groups, what is the highest goal of marriage?
7) Without looking draw the 'Purpose of Marriage' down on paper including the words.

Three Aspects to Intimate Marriages

1) Describe heart intimacy.
2) Explain the three fold process by which relationships grow.
3) Explain spiritual intimacy?
4) What are the two main reasons developing the spiritual side of intimacy is crucial to a good marriage.
5) How does physical intimacy relate to both heart and spiritual intimacy?
6) What aspect of the relationship are men usually inattentive towards?
7) Draw the diagram that represents the triangular spiritual union.
8) Explain the basic problem those that those marriages focusing on physical relationships fail.


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