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Does it really matter?

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Crossing the Line
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Thoughts controlled!

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4• The Self-controlled

The 'self-controlled' person might be looking at this site for several reasons. We might assume that some of what that has been shared on these pages have in part already been discovered by you. However, there are concerns.

-> You need encouragement to keep on going.
This cry for support is good. The onslaught is so strong. If we find another brother seeking for purity, it is like a beautiful blue sky in a smog-covered city.

-> You want to grow in purity.
You want to continue your quest for purity in your life. You are making it, but you can grow in your knowledge of God's Word and the experience of other godly men. You want to be stronger.

-> You want to learn to help others who have this problem.
You are saddened to know there are so many men and women manipulated by their lusts. Friends are sharing the same bed; marriages are being broken. At the end of their party, you see sadness and barrenness written all over their faces . You want to find some tools to bring God's love, truth and power to their lives.

No matter what group you are in, we are so glad that you are here! Please share your thoughts and testimonies with us. We hope to enlarge this site and pool our resources together. I pray and hope that you will be built up in the excellency of the power and love of our Lord Jesus Christ.