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Romans: Laying a Solid Foundation

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Romans 11:11-36

Salvation's Great Plan

Intro Rom 11:11-36 | Rom 11:11-15 | Rom 11:16-24 | Rom 11:25-36
Study questions Romans 11:11-24 | 11:25-36

Romans 11:11-36 is the first of four parts to The Bible Teacher's Commentary on Romans: Salvations's Great Plan (Romans 11:11-36). An overview for both Romans chapters 9-11 as well as more specifically Romans chapter 11.


- An alternate outline -

A. Declaration of the Gospel (Romans 1:1-5)

Paul declares and explains the Gospel

B. Clarification of the Gospel (Romans 6-11)

Paul clarifies the Gospel so that the truths are not confused.

C. Application of the Gospel (Romans 12-16)

Paul applies the Gospel to their lives and situation.

Romans 11:11-36 completes a major section of the Book of Romans. From chapter 6 onwards Paul has been clarifying what the gospel is not. He wants to keep them from making false conclusions that would hide or distort the power of the Gospel.

Up until this point the apostle focused on spiritual Israel. In chapter 11, however, he selectively focuses on what happens to national Israel. What about all the promises given to Israel? It reminds us a lot of the question the apostles asked Jesus, "Lord, is it at this time You are restoring the kingdom to Israel?" (Acts 1:6). It is here that we get a few glimpses of God's plan for Israel.

olive branchThe apostle shows that despite the rebellious nature of the Jewish people, God's plans never could be frustrated. God uses the disobedience of the Jew and the Greek (11:32) to accomplish an even greater display of God's glory and compassion.

It is important to notice the major structure of Romans 11 as a whole. 11:1 and 11:11 both include Paul's oft used phrase, "May it never be!" combined with a question. This is the 9th and 10th (the last time) that he uses this phrase here in Romans. He rejects the thought that God has forgotten His promises towards Israel.

Summary of Romans chapters 9-11

I. Clarifying the Identity of the True Israel (9:1-13)
II. The Means Jews and Gentiles become Part of True Israel (9:14-29)
III. The Jews’ Rejection of the Messiah & the Gentiles Acceptance (9:30-10:21)
IV. God has not Forgotten Israel (11:1-32)

  • A. God has not rejected the few chosen Israelites (11:1-10)
  • B. Greater blessings will come upon all if ethnic Israel returns (11:11-15)
  • C. The Gentiles are now being grafted into Israel’s olive tree (11:16-24)
  • D. Some but not all of the Gentiles and Israel will be saved (11:25-36)

The following three parts will each focus on one of the last three sections of this outline.

A) Greater blessings on all upon Israel's return (11:11-15)
B) The Gentiles engrafted onto Israel's olive tree (11:16-24)
C) Some Gentiles and Israel will be saved (11:25-36)


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