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Discover Him and Find His Healing Touch

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Romans: Laying a Solid Foundation

Romans: Laying a Solid Foundation

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Romans 11:11-24 Bible Study Questions


Romans 11:11-24 Bible Study Questions
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Romans 11:11-24 Bible Study: A Hope and a Warning warns the Gentiles of hardening their own hearts because God's salvation plan can be hindered just as the Jews discovered.

1. Who is it that stumbled (Romans 11:11)?

2. What is the difference between stumbling and falling (Romans 11:11)?

Stumbling is when _______________________________

Falling is when _________________________________

3. So then, did Israel ‘fall’ (Romans 11:11)?

4. How is it that pagans, called Gentiles, were given the opportunity to believe (Romans 11:11-12)?

5. What does the last phrase in verse 12 mean? Finish this statement:
If God was to use Israel’s sin and failures to bring blessings to the whole world,

He will ___________________________________when the Israelites obey.

6. What did Israel’s rejection of the Messiah bring to the world (Romans 11:15)?


7. Paul as the apostle to the Gentiles wanted his ministry to have an impact upon his fellow Israelites. How did he hope this might work out (Romans 11:13-14)?

8. What sign of hope for the Jewish nation do we have from Paul in Romans 10:15?

9. Simply share the meaning of this truth through the two illustrations in Romans 10:16.



10. Paul takes the later illustration of verse 16 and enlarges upon it. Write down both the literal meaning (Romans 11:17) and the spiritual meaning (Romans 11:17-18) of this illustration.



11. Who is Paul warning in verse 18?

12. What is the warning (Romans 11:18)?

13. Why is it that the Gentiles (the branches) might become prideful (Romans 11:19-21)?

14. List two attributes of God from verse 22.

______________________ and


15. Who does God treat severely (Romans 11:22)?

16. Who does God treat kindly (Romans 11:22)?


17. Is God able to treat kindly those He has dealt severely with (Romans 11:23-24)?


18. List at least two changes you desire to take place in your life because of these verses:




    Bonus question on Romans 11:11-24

  • Does the illustration of the olive tree differentiate the church and Israel as two different peoples with whom God deals or one? Is the church here considered part of the true Israel?

Romans 11:11-24 Bible Study Questions

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