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Romans: Laying a Solid Foundation

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Romans 13:1-14 Bible Study Questions


Romans 13:1-14 Bible Study Questions
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Romans 13:1-14 Bible Study: Submission to Government and Love reminds believers of their responsibility to submit to the government under which they live and practical ways to love those around them.

1. Who are we to subject ourselves to (Romans 13:1)?


2. Why is it that we are to subject ourselves to them in this way (Romans 13:1)?


3. When a man rebels against this authority, who else is he resisting (Romans 13:2)?


4. What happens as a result of this rebellion (Romans 13:2)?



5. How do we get rid of our fear of the governmental authorities (Romans 13:3)?


6. What are the governmental authorities called in Romas 13:4?

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7. What therefore is the responsibility of the governmental authorities (Romans 13:4)?

8. Besides fearing what the government might do to you if it catches you doing something wrong, what is the other reason we are to submit to the government (Romans 13:5)?


9. According to Romans 13:6, what are taxes for?


10. What does Paul say about all the preferential treatment the government might expect (Romans 13:7)?


11. What does Romans 13:8 say about debt?


12. What command summarizes the others (Romans 13:8,9)?


13. Complete this sentence from Romans 13:10,

“Love is the _____________________  of the law.”

14. According to Romans 13:11, what are we to be doing now?


15. List the behaviors he tells us to avoid (Romans 13:12-13)?


16. Memorize verse 14. Put a check here once you have completely memorized it.

17. List at least two changes you desire to take place in your life because of these verses:



    Bonus questions on Romans 13:1-14

  • How are we to respond to those people who would encourage us to rebel against a wicked and corrupt government (Romans 13:13:1-7)? Does our response change if our own constitution mandates a rebellion against evil rulers?


  • Romans 13:8 says to owe nothing. What about loans and mortgages? What is this verse really trying to say?



  • Explain individually how adultery, murder, stealing, and coveting all violate the principle of love.

Romans 13:1-14 Bible Study Questions

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