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Romans 8:26-39

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Book of Romans:
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Romans: Laying a Solid Foundation

Romans: Laying a Solid Foundation

The Bible Teacher's Commentary

Paul J. Bucknell

A Touch of Grace

Romans 14:1-6

Video Podcast

Grace in Me Romans 14:1-6

A Touch of Grace is an expository sermon on Romans 14:1-6 which shows the way grace impacts a believer’s life through the gracious way he accepts those with varying beliefs, through eradicating the pride which destroys relationships and through properly living by one’s conscience. Two special issues are dealt with: Discerning between amoral and immoral issues and the common statement, 'Don't judge me.' - Part of The Bible Teacher's Commentary

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Outline of Romans 14:1-6

(1) Accept Others (Romans 14:1-2)

(2) Keep from Pride (Romans 14:3-4)

(3) Live by One’s Conscience (Rom 14:5-6)

Summary of 'A Touch of Grace' Romans 14:1-6

  • We are to be gracious as God is gracious (accepting).

  • Grace enables us to transcend a judgmental spirit by accepting and embracing those differing from us.

  • Grace enables us to discern the real issues rather than being caught up in ‘pride’ wars.

  • Grace enables a congregation to live out Spirit-filled lives as we live pure lives in a spirit of love

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