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Restoration of all Things

Our Personal Calling from Titus

Our Personal Calling (Titus 1:1)

Waiting for ministry

Waiting for Ministry
(1 Samuel 16)

Taking Your Next Step Toward Full-Time Ministry

Taking Your Next Step Toward Full-Time Ministry

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Training Up New Leaders for Full-time Ministry Training Up New Leaders for Full-time Ministry


overcome fear

A clear call mixed with compromise.


1 and 2 Samuel Rising of the Kings

King Saul's Calling and Confirmation

1 Samuel 9-10

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Questions on God's Calling

1 Samuel 9

Paul J. Bucknell

A1. God's Calling (9) | A2. Questions on Calling | B. God's Confirmation (10)
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There are many questions about the confusing talk about God's calling. Here are some difficult questions and answers regarding God's calling.

One thing seems certain about callings. Although there are similarities, certainly there can be significant differences. King Saul’s call and the Saul (Apostle Paul)’s call are completely different. Nor should we think that one is better than another. Each is miraculous.

The scriptures show us that God calls some people. God specially involves Himself in motivating, shaping and directing certain individuals like Saul. We must allow God to call certain individuals.

The Lord early on puts a self awareness of God’s call on their lives. He does not always do this. When He does, however, the Lord begins to shape the person early on for the upcoming tasks that He has for them. These callings provide an inner determination to move against opposing paths and by faith trust God for what needs to be done to obtain what God has put on their heart.

God does not give a ‘special’ calling to everyone. When it is needed, He provides. Many becoming a pastor or missionary need redirection and strengthening of faith. God provides. But if someone is already moving in that direction, then there is no need for these special signs. Our salvation calls differ just as the ways Jesus healed people in the New Testament differed.

God's callingWe should not say one is better. Each is suited for its own purpose by our Designer. In this case King Saul clearly was not clergy. Certainly anyone can get a special awareness of something God wants done even if he is not a child of God (King Cyrus in Isaiah 45).

All of God’s children are elected (literally ‘chosen.’) The calling is a special reference to the inward acknowledgment of what God has or desires to do in a person’s life. For the believer, each is chosen to go and bear fruit. The task of making disciples is put before each on of us. We can trust God’s Word to guide us to His purposes. If we need further direction, the Lord will provide that. No believer needs to wait to get going!

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