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The Lord Your Healer: 

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Discover Him and Find His Healing Touch

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The Bible Teaching Commentary on Genesis: The Book of Foundations

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Overcoming Anxiety: Finding Peace, Discovering God


The Plan and Outline of Isaiah graphic

The Outline of Isaiah

The Bible Teaching Commentary

Paul J. Bucknell

The Overview of the Book of Isaiah
The Purpose of Isaiah: Redemptive Chart of Isaiah
The Plan of Isaiah: Light & Dark Diagram
The Chonology of Isaiah
The Outline of Isaiah

Discussions of Main Sections of Isaiah


Outline of the Book of Isaiah

Revealing Our Weaknesses
(Isaiah 1-39)

I. God’s Willingness To Help His People (Isaiah 1-6)

A.  Understanding Our Weaknesses (1:1-9)
B. Confronting Our Weaknesses (1:10-31)
C. Slashing Our Pride (2:1-22)
D. Dashing Our Self-Confidence (3:1-4:6)
E. Exposing Our Financial Security (5:1-30)
F. Confirming God’s Help (6:1-13)

II. God's Encouragement To The Oppressed Remnant (Isaiah 7-12)

A. Examination Of Our Faith (7:1-25)
B. Encouragement To Persevere (8:1-22)
C. The Basis Of Real Hope (9:1-7)
D. False Hope About Sin (9:8-10:4)
E. Source Of Comfort: God (10:5-34)
F. Realization Of Our Hopes (11:1-12:6)

III. God's Challenge To The Nations (Isaiah 13-23)

A. God’s Righteousness In Its Severity (13:1-22)
B. God’s Righteousness Infused With Mercy (14-16)
    1) Assurance Of God's Love (14:1-27)
    2) Protection Of God (14::28-32)
    3) Hope Of God (Evangelism) (15:1-16:14)
C. God’s Righteousness: Its Severity Or Mercy (17:1-14)
D. Understanding The God Of Righteousness (18:1-7)
E. Living Righteously In The World (19:1-20:6)
F. God’s Rights Versus The Peoples’ Rights (21:1-17)
G. The Self Sufficiency Of The World (22:1-27)
H. The Pride Of The Commercial World (23:1-18)

IV. God's Promise Of Endurance In Judgment (Isaiah 24-27)

A. The Fact Of Endurance (The Fact) (24:1-23)
B. The Capability Of Endurance (The Experience) (25-26)
    1) The Hope Of God’s People Derived In Judgment (25:1-12)
    2) Their Confidence Shown In Judgment (26:1-27:1)
C. The Foundation Of Endurance (The Basis) (27:2-13)

V. God's Scrutiny Of Our Moral Reforms (Isaiah 28-33)

A. Pride Of Others (28:1-29)
B. Plans Revealing One's Heart (29-32)

     1) Secret Planning (29:1-12)
     2) Rejection Of God’s Plan (30:1-33)
    3) Establishing Foolish Plans 31:1-32:20)
C. Purpose Of God (33:1-24)

VI. God's Only Two Dealings With Mankind (Isaiah 34-35)

A. Judgment Of The Morally Corrupt (34:1-17)
B. Redemption Of The Faithful (35:1-10)

VII. God’s Exposure Of Our Impure Trusts (Isaiah 36-39)

A. Opposition Designed To Create Deeper Trust (36:1-22)
B. Entering Into This Deeper Trust (37:1-38)
C. Death’s Challenge To Our Trust In God (38:1-22)
D. Success’ Challenge To Our Trust In God (39:1-8)

Dealing with our Weaknesses
(Isaiah 40-66)

VIII. God And Man (Isaiah 40-48)

A. God Comforts His People (40:1-31)
B. God Befriends His People (41:1-29)
C. God Is Faithful To his People (42:1-25)
D. Taking His Peoples’ Fear Away (43:1-44:5)
E. Understanding The Presence Of Idols (44:6-28)
F. God’s Unchangeable Plan Of Salvation (45:1-25)
G. Deliverance From False Notions (46:1-13)
H. Taking A Look Into The Future (47:1-15)
I. Professors Of The Faith (48:1-22)

IX. Redemption Through The Servant (Isaiah 49-57)

A. Bringing Hope (49:1-5:3)
B. Bringing Comfort (50:4-11)
C. Instilling Awareness Of God (51:1-23)
D. Instilling Anticipation Of Release (52:1-12)
E. Securing Salvation For The Many (52:13-53)
F. Describing Salvation (54:1-17)
G. Responding To Our Lord (55:1-13)
H. Overcoming Exclusionism (56:1-8)
I. His Selectivity (56:9-57:21)

X. Seeds of Hope For The Righteous (Isaiah 58-66)

A. Bringing Life Back Into Our Religious Experience (58:1-14)
B. God's Extraordinary Mercy (59:1-21)
C. The Glorious New Community Of God's People (60:1-22)
D. The Foundation Of Hope (61:1-11)
E. The Persistence 0f God's Plan (62:1-12)
F. The High Cost Of Redemption (63:1-6)
G. The Confession God Likes To Hear (63:7-64)
H. Discovering God's Amazing Grace (65:1-25)
I. A Final Explanation and Promise (66:1-24)