Summary of THE FLOW

The abundant flow of God's goodness flows through our lives!

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Summary of THE FLOW

THE FLOW is a process. It is implemented step by step. As leaders are trained on the first level, they can be used to train others just starting. Biblical Foundations for Freedom can provide further help in several areas.

Basic Discipleship materials

Explore our free 3XE basic discipleship booklet! There are both teacher as well as student editions that can be copied and printed from pdf format. Besides providing the basic training, the 3XE addresses two areas neglected by most basic discipleship material: 1) We practically discuss how a person becomes a well-functioning member of a church, and 2) We attack the dangerous individualistic trend in our world by stressing the way God made us to fit into the body. We serve others rather than ourselves.

Training discipleship materials

In some sense most of our materials fit in here whether it be on marriage, parenting, anxiety, lusts, having proper devotions, or simply on how to apply God's Word to one's life. The Christian must grow. Every sin pattern in a Christian must be fought against and overcome. Otherwise much like the enemies in the land of Palestine, they will take him captive and eventually destroy him. We show how to be a victorious Christian in most every area of life. And of course, there are many other good materials other than ours.

Advanced Discipleship Training (ADT) 3 FociAdvanced Discipleship Training (pdf)

Advanced Discipleship Training (ADT) is a whole new section of materials that specializes in training the servant leader in the church:

1) Shaping the Heart,

2) Supplying skills and vision, and

3) Seeking Him in His Word.

We welcome you to explore and freely utilize these materials. Feel free to email with questions or request more information from Paul at

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