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Discover Him and Find His Healing Touch

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Knowing God: Experience & Love Him

Knowing God: Experience & Love Him

Paul J. Bucknell

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The Way to Know Go (cont.)

Understanding the purpose of life on earth

Purpose: To remind us that the purpose for keeping Christian believers on earth, and not taking them immediately to heaven, is to develop a deep relationship with them.

There is a reason God has left us on earth. It wasn’t to hang around with holy people. We are far from that. Think how many ways we have made terrible decisions, sometimes very displeasing to Him.

He, however, still puts up with us. He could have avoided this whole scenario if after saving us, He immediately changed us or zipped us right into His presence.

God is not using us as pawns in His universal chess set but fostering a relationship with us. This takes time and many points of personal interaction.

Right now there is a mystery to our relationship, but once God reveals that full glory of His in heaven, then the relationship will develop on a completely different level.

Right now, He is giving us many occasions to please Him. He desires our love and devotion. As He reveals something about Himself, our Lord wants us to respond to Him. If we do, then He follows up. If not, He waits for us to come to Him or at the right time tries another means to catch our attention and heart.

Think about friendship. The friendship grows when both sides are eagerly excited about meeting each other. Some couples are hard to separate. I remember my Mom wondering how long I would be on the phone with my girlfriend (now my wife), but normally I really am on the phone.

Regarding our relationship with God, it is nice that you can count on God always being excited about meeting you.

If you want to understand spiritual growth, the problem is never on God’s side but ours. There are complicating factors like temptation, misunderstandings and Satan’s attacks, but as much as we might end up doubting or even despising Him, He is always there waiting for us. God is patient.

He can wait years, even decades. But we are really missing out if we don’t purposely embark on this journey with an open desire to know Him.

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