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Discover Him and Find His Healing Touch

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Knowing God: Experience & Love Him

Knowing God: Experience & Love Him

The Revelatory God

Paul J. Bucknell

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The Way to Know Go (cont.)

The Distortion of Good Works

Purpose: Good works are often misunderstood and become burdensome because they are not viewed through trying to please God whom we love.

Although good works are important, they are often thought of out of context. This is partly because of expectations built into us from society, family, school or even our conscience. This drive is not bad, but not inadequate.

God looks at good works through the lens of relationship. We do things that He wants because He likes them. The girlfriend knows her boyfriend likes a certain snack and so prepares it for him even when he does not ask for it.

Good works are also characterized by how we do things with Him. We will soon discover that there are many things in life that we cannot manage on our own. He gives us opportunity to consciously do these things with Him.

Your first tendency might be to worry, fear, lie or be jealous. Remember God is on this journey with us together. That is how Jesus lived and how we must live out our lives as His disciples.

Perhaps you want to help a sick friend but do not know how. So you pray and seek the Lord and wisdom from His Word. The Lord, then, responds and gives you ideas which you can follow up on.

I recently was talking to my wife and pointed out how God brought people to mind when she is at the sink (she at times tells these things to me) and then she prays for them. She is responding to the Lord’s prompting.

But all these good works can be done without really taking the Lord into consideration. Good works, then, are not impersonal things we do in life to please some cosmic force, but personal ways we reflect our desire to please God and be more like Him.


Evaluate your devotional times. What does it best reflect: a personal time with God, an intellectual pursuit, religious habit, or something else.

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