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The Flow, Translated from English into Amharic -

Initiating Growth in the Church

Podcast seminar #5/12

Translated from English into Amharic

Isaiah 50:5-9 (Part 2/2)

Discipleship series

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Isaiah 50:5-9 (Part 2/2) The Heart of Discipleship: The Art of Following Jesus translated from English into Amharic.

Amharic Flow02

Practical exposition of Isaiah 50:4-9 shows how to be like Jesus. The purpose of this message is to cause us to want to learn so that we can more effectively serve like Jesus. Isaiah 50:5-9 focuses on the resolve to endure hardship so that we can more effectively serve.

Isaiah 50:4-9: Video | Audio | Powerpoint | Handouts: English |Amharic | Reading

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