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Building a Great Marriage

Building a Great Marriage

Life Principle #3: Oneness Forever (Part 2)

Session #4

Great Marriage

Paul and Linda J. Bucknell

Index: Faith: #1 Hope | #2 Love | #3 Submission | #4 Oneness
Forgiveness: #5 Conflict | #6 Crises | #7 Forgiveness
Friendship: #8 Intimacy | #9 Trust | #10 Love works!

A) Oneness Forever B) Alternatives? C) Foundation D) Analogy
E) Temptations F) Affirming

Purpose: Marriage Alternatives? is part two (B) of the study of Life Principle #3 on Oneness Forever which shows the inferiority of living together and other alternatives to marriage. God's design is best!

B) Marriage Alternatives?

Today there is any number of groups demanding alternative kinds of ‘marriage.’ The government and courts will decide in the end whether they will follow God’s arrangement, which is so clearly given in Genesis, or their own depraved reason. As we have pointed out in another session, God made His point very clear in Genesis 2:24 (see session #1).

God's Design of Marriage

He uses the male and female words for husband and wife. The male leaves his parents and cleaves to the female. There is no room for what people call homosexual ‘marriages.’

Divorce is built on the concept that divorce is based on man.This is obvious in a physical or natural realm, but evil men are so intent on fulfilling their lusts, they no longer want to even accept the obvious lessons from nature, let alone God’s Word.

Two males do not make one. Neither do two females. God did not state that they become one because they are still two. Our little children know one male plus one male equals two males.

The female was specially designed to complement the male. If God wanted another male to keep Adam company, He would have made another man. Instead He went out of His way to create a whole new gender that fully complemented man in marriage. From this union they bear the fruit of children.

Living as Singles

We are not saying that man or woman cannot live fulfilling lives as singles. They can. 1 Corinthians 7 clearly prescribes this possibility when a man or woman gains their fullness from closeness to God and bears the fruit of good works (rather than children). The apostle says,

“But I want you to be free from concern. One who is unmarried is concerned about the things of the Lord, how he may please the Lord” (1 Corinthians 7:32).

Sexual purity, however, is demanded from those who do not get married.

buy marriage bookProblems with Living Together

Another alternative lifestyle is not to get married at all but still share marital privileges. Many young and old people alike no longer want to enter marriage. They have been scarred. They no longer have dreams of oneness. Their bubbles of hope have been popped.

This generation is afraid of commitment because they have seen the terrible way marriages can end up or may have no idea that marriage can be good.

The way back is not easy. We see that blatant immorality and adultery are signs of a degenerate generation. The solution is first for Christian couples to live out their oneness and then challenge others to live out their vows. God has brought revival to us before and changed the culture in a flash, but God’s people first have to repent and seek His face.

Living together outside of marriage is not marriage; it is fornication. The two are not living under the promise of marriage. They are not ‘one flesh’ but two who are harming each other for their own selfish purposes.

The Beauty of God's Marriage Design

Marriage is designed to last as long as both husband and wife live on earth. Marriage provides us with the most beautiful picture of continuity and development one could find on earth. Marriage in its temporariness is but an analogy of a greater and eternally lasting relationship between God and His people.

This truth of oneness has great ramifications for our marriage. To the degree that we accept by faith this oneness, we will live by its obvious truths. This will in turn lead to a great marriage. Without faith in this oneness, our marriages will heave back and forth in the insecurity of the world.

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