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The Lord Your Healer: 

Discover Him and Find His Healing Touch by Paul J. Bucknell

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Discover Him and Find His Healing Touch

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The Bible Teaching Commentary on Genesis: The Book of Foundations

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Overcoming Anxiety: Finding Peace, Discovering God


Principles and Practices of Biblical Parenting

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Principles and Practices of Biblical Parenting

– Raising Godly Children –

Paul and Linda Bucknell

One Great Team: Dad & Mom #2

Great Teammates | Biblical Teaching on Marriage Oneness
Barriers to Marital Oneness | Importance of Oneness on Children
Three Models to Practice Oneness | Summary & Questions

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Summary & Study Questions for One Great Team


Summary and Study Questions , part 6 of 6, provides Biblical parenting principles and study questions for chapter 2, One Great Team: Dad & Mom, from the book, Principles & Practices of Biblical Parenting.

Summary Principles

  • Development of Security

When the world of the child is secure, he can develop naturally by tending to other needs in life.

  • Development of Moral Character

The child is learns how to properly respond to others in a humble, loving and kind way. He gains faith that he can get along with people even in difficult circumstances. He does not need to get his own way to be joyful.

The world might be at war. People hate each other. But when a child sees this oneness lived out before him the lives of his or her parents, that child will stand out as a bright light in a very, very dark world


-------Parenting Principles -------

God establishes 'oneness' at marriage.

A marriage will only be as good as 'oneness' is lived out in word and action.

Disharmony among parents causes great problems in children. Harmony benefits them.

God gives commands in His Word to help parents maintain their marital oneness.


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------- Study Questions -------

  • Study questions are included in the book or BFF Parenting library.