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Righteousness, not Compromise


On the Operation Table

Understanding the Evil of Compromise

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'On the Operation Table' is part of the Righteousness, not Compromise series that shows how dangerous it is to compromise a little in your marriage.

Compromise occurs each time we violate God's call to righteousness. There are numerous reasons we compromise.

  • We have failed to rigorously study God's Word and live the life God requires of us. King Josiah read the Word and instantly realized how far his nation had departed from God's Word.

    On the Operation Table
  • We have spiritless preachers. These preachers collect audiences rather than training them in righteousness. They are more like politicians who tell us what we want to hear. This is like telling your child not to get hurt but never give specific rules on staying away from the busy street.

  • We have no backbone. Complete commitment to the scriptures is becoming far to rare.

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  • We love our own opinions. We hold our own judgments and decisions to be of more value than what God says in His Word. Relativity rules. We worship ourselves.

  • We are rebellious. We often know what God says but choose to do otherwise.

Problems of a little lust in ones marriage
"Do not desire her beauty in your heart,
Nor let her catch you with her eyelids."
Proverbs 6:25
Problems of lusting
Consequences of a little lust
- I do not cherish my wife.
My wife is not counted special and begins to dress worse, pay less attention to home, etc.
- I rather be in different circumstances than at home with my wife.
I am not committed to the home and relationships with wife and children. Out more with buddies, sports, cars, etc.
- My wife does not satisfy me.
I begin to experiment in mind and in body.
- I live by feelings rather than principle.
I lose the discipline that provides the ability to obey, feel confident and accomplish great things for God.
- I prefer self over God.
God will discipline me.
- I am willing to live a lie.
Relationships with wife and others are superficial and boring.
- I doubt whether God's ways are best.
No real interest in spiritual matters and therefore no spiritual leadership at home (or church).
- I do not fear the consequences of my lust.
My lust problem grows. Marriage is further threatened.

If righteousness dictates the practice of love, this means that any sort of compromise will cause us to fail in our duties to God and man. If we tolerate a little lust, we simply cannot say that we are loving our wives. We need to strive for total purity.

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