Crossing the Bridge of Anxiety- Slide #05_3

Crossing the Bridge of Hope

When my anxious thoughts multiply within me...

This fifth step takes us half way over the bridge! We will examine what happens when those anxious thoughts start multiplying within us. Solutions will only come with understanding.

We should note here that this writer is here admitting to this problem with anxious thoughts. Overcome Anxiety: Finding Peace, Discovering God - a bookThough a very spiritual man, he was not impervious to the multiplying of anxious thoughts. No matter what our position or past experience, we need to learn to effectively deal with them or they will turn into worry.

Anxious thoughts tend to swirl through our minds picking up momentum with other anxious thoughts.

Is there a way to reject these anxious thoughts? Yes. We will begin discussing this later in this session.

But let's first see how this multiplication principle works.  Next page

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