Mastering the Facts

Session #5

Coping with Worries

Overcome Anxiety: Finding Peace, Discovering God - a book

  • When our minds fill up with anxious thoughts, what is lost? ________________________________

  • Two problems exacerbate our problem of quickly resolving our anxious thoughts. Internalizing our thoughts and ______________.

  • Which kind of anxious thought does not trouble a person. Irrelevant, Relevant, Influential (circle one).

  • When we demand explanations from God for something, this shows a healthy relationship with Him. ( True or False )

  • The transformation of our lives comes from the __________ of our minds.

  • We should reject any __________ therapy that tells us to 'stop' thinking, whether it be some TM hum, yoga meditation or medication.

  • When we no longer have a sufficient ability to evaluate the truth about each worrisome thoughts that invades our minds, we accept them as ___________.

  • If someone comes by and claims that your car belongs to him, you (choose one)
    (1) Give him the keys
    (2) present him the historical, evidential and experiential facts and drive off.

  • We can overcome anxious thoughts and worries by rejecting their __________ and deliberately accepting the __________ .

  • The truth of __________ enables us to affirm God's relevance and strengthen our faith.

  • The truth of __________ enables us to crush pride and get a accurate perspective on our lives.

  • The truth of __________ enables us to discern between God's call and our self-initiative.

  • The purpose of __________are not to lead us but to amplify the condition of our inner lives.

  • He who controls a person's thoughts, controls his life. { True / False}

  • David's peace shown in Psalm 131 comes from being such a powerful and effective leader. { True or false }

  • In discerning the truth of our situation, it is always good to ask whether we are going counter to any of God's prinicples. ( True or False )

In session #5 we have identified the crucial part the renewing of the mind with the truth of God plays in keeping anxious thoughts from becoming worry! Session #6, Destroy and Occupy, helps us apply these and other truths to those worries already deeply settled in our hearts.

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