How to stop worrying? Overview

Try and draw a line to match them before you find the answers below.

How Can I Stop Worrying? –OverviewOvercome Anxiety: Finding Peace, Discovering God - a book

A Christian can begin to overcome worry by simply practicing the main points in the first four sessions. See if you can remember them!

Session #1 Developing Hope The hill is shaped like our Bridge of Hope. We leave a definite path and purpose. We are aiming for the peace from God.
Session #2 Deepening Understanding This jagged line reminds us of the history of man and his worry. When it is high, he is trusting God. When low, he is looking to himself to solve his problems.
Session #3 Deciding Choices The inverted "V" stands for the way we respond to our anxious thoughts. Either we will tolerate them and then worry (left side) or I will humble myself and trust God and find His peace (right side).
Session #4 Discerning Patterns The answer is _____. Because we have so many anxious thoughts, they are easy to compare. We will see many patterns as we write them in our 'worry' journals. This begins the training process to detect our anxious thoughts before they actually turn into worry.

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