Under Pressure; No Control  Psalm 94:16-18 - Slide #05_6

Under Pressure: Lack of Control - Psalm 94

Overcome Anxiety: Finding Peace, Discovering God - a bookLet's observe the 3 difficulties the psalmist faced.

Evil people were openly seeking his harm.

No one seemed willing to stand upfor him. He was alone in a dark, dark world.

These same evildoers were seeking his life.

He had no control over these life-threatening situations. What was worse, there seemed to be no solution ahead.
His enemies were watching his every move so that they could pounce upon him. This situation seems to have been going on for a period of time. He had plenty to worry about. We can see why anxious thoughts would develop.

  Many people demand explanations from God. They say, "Why God?!" or "That's unfair!" These people will never find peace. They have already allowed the anxious thoughts to negatively affect their trust in God.

The Psalmist didn't respond this way to his very difficult problems. Instead he went on and found peace. He said,

"If the Lord had not been my help."

He admitted his vulnerable situation. He humbled himself and recognized that God is His solution. These deadly missiles could be neutralized by acknowledging the truth about himself, his situation and God. He was being persecuted. He was desperate and unable to help himself. God, however, was His strength. He turned to God in a desperate situation.

  • What is your situation like?

  • Will you join the psalmist in seeking peace?

  • Download Psalm 94 (pdf), or just print out the Psalm. Go through the whole Psalm color code three different sections.
    1) Stressful circumstances (black)
    2) Psalmist's reflections on God's truths (red)
    3) Promises of God (blue)

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