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Get our newest book: Satan's Four Stations!Deep magic is dependent on secret knowledge.

Those who investigate dark and hidden powers desire to know what a person normally isn't able to perceive. In some cases the powers of magic are sought to escape man's limitations such as: visibility (be invisible), limited control over others (eg. voodoo), being in one place at a time, communicating with the dead (necromancy), know the future (fortune tellers) and troubles like sickness (healing).

In the desperate hope of gaining these special powers, even if it is for a brief moment, they often are willing to act in ignorance. They are too intent on pursuing their own purpose to find more about what these spiritual powers are.

They are so driven to gain this power that they never pay attention to the price tag. Only afterwards, do they suspiciously look back and wonder, "Who is giving me this power?" "What is it going to cost me?"

They would like to believe that there are no consequences for use of this power. They usually do believe this for a while. They ignore the question.
They persuade themselves that it is only a 'natural' power of the universe that they are tapping into.
But the more involved they get, the more entangled they get. They begin to lose control. Others seem to control them.
They wonder if they are tapping into the power that belongs to some Dark Controller.

The closer they step to the reality of these powers, the more they are afraid to know if there is some Controller. Like a petty thief, they hope to steal a little 'power' and avoid any hidden obligation.


They simply are not sure what will happen if they get caught. They are suspicious. Truthfully, they are down-right scared. As long as there is no certain one controlling this power, then there is no obligation or guilt. For example, who thinks of the cost of using air? I don't think anyone does. People just breathe. They are oblivious to the owner of air and do not feel obligated.

What will it cost me?But what happens if they hear that someone is going to start charging them for using their air? They realize they are stuck. They are obligated. This is the same with the use of deep magic.

The Dark Controller does not tell you the cost up front. He first lets you play free. It is only later that you sense an increasing obligation to some secret Controller. At first this awareness is suppressed, but it increasingly begins to alarm you. Deep down you know there is a cost. Your troublesome experiences remind you of their presence and your obligation. You try to avoid thinking about it, but it is difficult.

At some stage you begin to wonder if you are under the force or control of that one. You are not sure what the price of your experiments in deep magic are. If someone really holds this power, then you feel obligated to them for using it.

One of my acquaintances is trying to escape this deep magic. He wanted to use these forces to take revenge on someone who did evil to him. But now, he heard that he needs to get back what he has given out three times. This he doesn't want!

Problem of Secrecy

Is there any escape hatch for this kind of person?

He and many others are cornered in with nowhere else to go. The problem with deep magic is that it is characterized by secrecy. One might know a secret word, a spell or become aSecrecy master of secret knowledge, but the problem is that there is much one does not know. This ignorance is what makes deep magic, occult and sorcery so dangerous. The cost is never spelled out up front.

Let's look at two real stories sourced in the problem of secrecy.

1) Secrecy Problem #1:   Never know the risk until it is too late!

A group of exorcists were confident of their ability to cast out evil spirits. Once when traveling about, they saw another person casting out spirits using some magic formula. He was very successful. They decided to use the same formula that he used, "I adjure you by the Jesus whom Paul preaches..." The evil spirit answered and said to them, "I recognize Jesus, and I know about Paul, but who are you?"

After this the "evil spirit leaped on them and subdued both of them and overpowered them, so that they fled out of that house naked and wounded." (Acts 19:13-17)

What they thought would give them more powers in fact turned to work against them! They didn't know this until after they had tried it out.

2) Secrecy Problem #2:   Revealed secrets can be harmful.

A king lost control over national affairs. He was desperate. His forces were greatly outnumbered. What could he do? He turned to another source to recoup the supernatural knowledge needed for control. He hunted for a medium and spiritist. After finally finding one and assuring her that he would cause her no trouble, he said that he wanted to communicate with his dead friend. This old friend had powers to know about the future. She asked him, "Whom shall I bring up for you?" He told her about this friend who had connections with the other world.

She did as she always did when calling someone up from the dead. But she herself was taken back when she saw what happened.

"I see a divine being coming up out of the earth,"

Knowledge from the dead (1 Samuel 28) - necromancy

"I see a divine being coming up out of the earth," she said. The king asked who it looked like. As she described the old man wrapped in a robe, this king was so convinced of it being his former spiritual 'insider' that he bowed before it and paid homage. What he didn't know was that the secret knowledge that the prophet would reveal would tell about his doom in the ensuing battle.

"Why have you disturbed me by bringing me up?" The king answered saying, "God has departed from me and answers me no more, either through prophets or by dreams, therefore I have called you, that you may make known to me what I should do."

The 'divine being' went on telling him that because he didn't follow the express wishes of the Powerful One, he would no longer receive favor from him. His nation would be defeated. He and his three sons would die in battle the next day." (1 Samuel 28:8-25)

He fell back like a stone because of fear and shock. Nearby friends tried to bring some life back to him. The king had to lead his troops out to battle. But this king now knew it was useless. In battle he was struck by the enemy. He asked his armor bearer to finish him off lest the enemy would sport with his body. Being reluctant, the king fell on his own sword ending his life on earth. His sons were also killed. (1 Samuel 31:1-13)


We think we are so clever when we gain a little bit of secret knowledge and power that others don't have. But the fact is we become victim to the owner of that knowledge and power. Is it possible that when you try to do something on your own, that the Power you have become dependent on will turn against you and your interests? How can you solve this? Is there a way to escape?

Continue on to better understand the two spheres of supernatural powers that man is in contact with. 

=> Next in series: The Two Spheres of Deep Magic

Scriptures typically quoted from the New American Standard Bible unless noted: (C) Copyright The Lockman Foundation 1988

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