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Birth Control & Christian Family Planning

Paul J. Bucknell

Biblical thinking about Birth Control and Family Planning
Biblical Principles about Birth Control from Genesis 1:28
Our Personal Testimony about Birth Control

Should Christians use condoms, the pill, ella. RU-486 and other birth-control devices?

Introduction: Birth control and family planning has largely been accepted around the world as normal and good. This is the first article of three that challenge the basic assumptions underlying family planning. Make sure you read of our personal journey away from using family planning practices.

Is birth-control and family plannig moral?

The use of birth control is rarely thought of as a moral issue today. Should it be? I believe so.

The reason is simple. God clearly expressed His will for us to have many children (as many as He would provide). Birth control, then, becomes a direct challenge to being open to God's full purpose for our lives.

The use of birth control devices expresses our doubt about His intentions of working in and through our lives. In this way it becomes a moral issue, whether we are seeking His will or our own. Choosing birth-control is not an amoral issue like choosing to wear a yellow or blue top.

A. Thinking Biblically about Birth Control
B. Biblical Principles from Genesis 1:28
C. Summary Perspectives
D. Our Personal Testimony

Where are the big families?

It is remarkable to observe the speed by which whole societies have greatly reshaped their families and lives by using birth control. Wherever I go around the world, the situation is the same. After hearing of our big family, most explain that they had grown up in big families but now only have one or two children.

Just one or two generations back, depending where you live, and you will see big-sized families. What is even more noteworthy is how people now consider themselves more moral when they have only one or two children!

Christians have accepted false doctrines!

Their concept of morality revolves around the fact that they are 'saving the earth' from overpopulation. We are not just speaking about people from China and India but sparsely-lived areas such as America.

Christians are no different than the rest of the world in these matters. The fact that we have eight children shock people.

These people on the whole are happy for us but sometimes really question our sincerity to live as responsible citizens. Is it possible that now we think it is more moral to use birth control methods? We must begin to think through these issues with a biblical lens rather than just going with the flow of the world.

Thinking Biblically about Birth Control

Here are a few starter questions. Think through them on your own. Later on we will more closely examine the Biblical basis for using birth control.

We need to be more aware of the lack of scriptural injunction to save the earth by reducing the number of our children. And why is it that just our generation cannot raise more than one or two children?

We will never know how our lives will be different from what they could have been had we had more children. My heart is sad thinking about the number of children I might be missing because of the condom choice. Empty chairs placed around the table.

Nothing has aided feminism more than the pill and other birth control methods. By neutering woman she has the 'wo' stripped from her womanhood. She now wants to be more like man.

She no longer believes she was made unique and special apart from man. She doesn't think she could be fulfilled unless she acts and talks like a man. She is deceived. All of this rejects God's purposed and beautiful design of woman.

Next => Examine with us Biblical conclusions on family planning and the use of birth control from Genesis 1:28.
Ahead => Our personal testimony on how God led us from use of family planninng to complete trust in our loving Lord's plan.

Scriptures typically quoted from the New American Standard Bible unless noted: (C) Copyright The Lockman Foundation 1988

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