Orientation - 3 options

The Big Race

 Joining in

Getting Ready
Getting in Shape
Your Trainers
Distance Training
Course Overview

Crossing the Line
Readying the Mind
Mastering the Course
Deciding to Win

Running the Race
Off we go
Starting off right
Power to Run
Can I make it?
I might not want to
But still have lusts
Power Decision Chart
Singles need purity?
Advantages to purity
Running by God's love
Picking up the Mess
The Pieces
Starting with God
Renewed with God
Confessions's Design
Responses to Sin
Results of Confession
Steps of Confession
Confession Chart
Confessional Prayer
Importance of forgiveness
What is forgiveness?
7 Steps of forgiving
Dealing with revenge
Making apology
Consequences not forgiving
Forgiving ourselves
Uncovering Patterns

Kinds of Temptations
Working through Doubts

Running the Race

Finishing Well


The first sections focused on getting ready for the race, but now we will actually set off running. This is where our feet touches the road. All the preparations will be tested in how we actually overcome temptation. How are you going to reach that goal of sexual purity?

In the marathon, we must go beyond all the preparing and observing of the course. We now must run it. Different events and obstacles make various demands more from us. In order to get us oriented, let us focus on three phases of the race. If we have covered certain issues, it will be either in brief review or more depth.
1) Getting Started

Things you need to know to get you running right.

The beginning of the race

Getting off to a great start! The first steps can seem so big.
2) Keep Running

Things you need to know to keep you running.

The middle of the race

How do I keep going? I feel like I am falling back to where I was before!
3) Finishing well

Things you need to know to run to the end.

The finishing of the race.

How do I keep the vision? How can I pass it on to others?

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