Benefits of sexual purity for singles
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Benefits of sexual purity for singles
The Power to Run

What about being single?

  • How does sexual purity improve the quality of a single person's life?

Here ares 5 reasons sexual purity is the best for the single.
          There are many more reasons!

  1. Protection from diseases
  2. Freedom from frustration
  3. Prepares for good marriage
  4. Helps other stay pure
  5. Secures hope for eternal life
  6. Summary

  1. Sexual purity protects a person from STD (sexually transmitted diseases).
    Venereal diseases are caught primarily through sexual contact. We see AIDS and a few other diseases contracted by blood and birth, but overall their spread is because of impurity. The spread of these diseases is rampant across the globe infecting literally millions every year. Many of these diseases are deadly. There is no cure. All of these diseases cause pain and are easily spread. Later in life many cannot have children when they want because of these diseases. These diseases are tricky. In some cases the damage is not readily seen until later developments. Purity absolutely protects the single person from these diseases except from some freak circumstance. God shows His displeasure through these diseases. The wise person fears God and so protects his body.

  2. Sexual purity protects a single from great sexual frustration.
    Let me explain. We normally think that the person who restrains himself faces more sexual frustration than the one who seeks an outlet for his sexual desires. The opposite is the case. Purity means not only no physical contact but no heart lusts. When a man looks lustfully at a woman, glands are stimulated which in turn increase the level of testosterone. We assume that those who lust and those who do not lust have the same inclination to think about sexual things. But the facts are the opposite. If are minds are clear from lustful thoughts, then we are less frustrated. It makes sense that the person who is not thinking about such things is not so desirous and therefore not frustrated. When a person is sexually pure, he can better focus on what God has given him to do in life.

  3. Sexual purity for a single is wonderful training for the foundation of a beautiful marriage.
    Many people - mostly singles - think sexual temptation disappears once they are married. They think that an unlimited supply of opportunity rids one of temptation. There is a good adjustment of sexual needs by the mutual satisfaction of married partners. However, this contentment will not last if a man lusts.

    Health problems, pregnancy, bitterness, disappointments, etc. are just a few examples men and women go looking elsewhere. Training in self-control is crucial for these times of marital frustration. Only the well-trained and principled man will keep his eye only on his wife. Only the dedicated husband will decide to love his wife even when she doesn't deserve it. A wife knows when her man only has her on his heart. This creates a deep satisfaction within the wife and runs over in further delight for her husband. This discipline of restraint and focus begins when young and single.

  4. Sexual purity increases the moral climate of society and friends.
    he impact of a dedicated man or woman to keep sexually pure before marriage greatly encourages others to do the same. If we allow the promiscuous to speak and boast, the crowd quietly drifts toward immorality along with a host of associated problems.

    However, when a single person can clearly speak about the advantages of sexual purity, the selfishness of the promiscuous is suddenly seen as undesirable. Just think what you would want for your daughter or son. Would you want for them loose values and broken families or strong and vibrant marriages? In a sense, you quietly move your generation to be a great group of people when you make that decision to be sexually pure for God's glory, for the sake of others and for your own best.

  5. Sexual purity protects one's hope for eternal life.
    While sexual purity in and of itself does not at all qualify one for salvation and eternal life, we would be plain reckless with the scriptures if we thought wSexual purity brings Secures hope for heaven.e could be assured of eternal life if we lived unrepentant while committing sexual sins, whether in public or private, whether in the fantasies of one's mind or in the openness of group dating. The scriptures clearly address this. If we choose sexually imorality, then we choose the fires of hell.

"For this you know with certainty, that no immoral or impure person or covetous man, who is an idolater, has an inheritance in the kingdom of Christ and God. Let no one deceive you with empty words, for because of these things the wrath of God comes upon the sons of disobedience. Therefore do not be partakers with them;" (Ephesians 5:5-7)

A single person faces many challenges to abstenance. They need to be clear about the many advantages of living sexually pure lives. He gains. His future wife gains. His future children gain. His own soul gains. The whole society profits from a person's willingness to remain sexually pure. If we have fallen, now is the time to repent and go through the steps of confession outlined in the next pages. Let's not loose a moment in capturing each moment to live rightly for our great Lord!

Let's choose to be free from sexual lusts now, whether married or single!

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