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In our confessional prayer to God, it is helpful if we include the following sections. Under each section is a segment of a possible prayer.

Details of the wrong doing:
"I have sinned by my affair with Peg from my office. I have committed adultery and not given to my wife what was only hers. I have violated her and intruded into Peg's life and taken what was not mine. I have sinned against you Lord."

Description of results:
"I have brought so much pain to my wife and children. I am ashamed to even be at home. I have given up on my husband's responsibility and now wonder if I can ever get back to where I should be. Besides this, I have caused great pain and confusion in Peg's life. I caused her to be enamored with me so that she lost her affection and loyalty to her husband."

Request for forgiveness of moral debt, restoration and pledge of faithfulness.
"Lord, I do not deserve any forgiveness for what I have done. What I have done, I have done. But because of your great love in Christ Jesus, I now ask and plead that by the blood of Jesus Christ to totally cleanse me of this sin and restore me to yourself. I thank you for your love and acceptance. I thank you for your forgiveness. I pledge myself to You and Your ways. By the power of the Spirit of God please keep my heart close to You. Help me as I make follow-up apologies tonight."

Ask God to take back ground in your life.
"Lord, I recognize that unless you give special grace, there will be a great void in my life. I ask you by Your wonderful grace to take back any ground I have loss through my sinful activities over the last six months. Restore me fully to you, spiritually, emotionally and otherwise."

Request for those who are hurt in this ordeal.
"My Father, I have hurt my wife, 3 children and Peg's life. I have gone astray. I need You to work through me and others to bring back what I have destroyed. You promise that 'all things work together for good' and now I ask that you bring some good out of all the evil that has been done."

Thanks and closure
"I have now lifted this sinful affair up to you in Christ's blood for full forgiveness. I am forgiven and thank you so much. Help me be faithful to follow through my commitment. And if at any time in the future, the Accuser would bring this account back to my mind to manipulate my feelings, I pledge myself to remember that on this date I have been forgiven and the charge has been wiped from your books, and I have been fully restored to you. I realize that there might be some serious acts of discipline (consequences). I accept what is good and needful in my life. I understand that this does not mean rejection but further training of loyalties in my life to you and my family. In the powerful Name of Jesus Christ I pray, Amen."

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