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Basic Discipleship Introduction and materials

Basic Step of Discipleship

Intermediate discipleship materials

Intermediate Step of Discipleship

Advanced Disciplehship

Advanced Step of Discipleship

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Bible study on 'False Confidence'

Truth that transforms!

Developing Confidence in the Truth

Basic Discipleship Stage
Basic discipleship stage and BFF materials.
Designing discipleship curriculum
Stages and goals of discipleship
Discipleship Shapers
Learning how Christians grow


BFF中文家庭及門徒培訓 Digital Library


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聖經中的教養原則-幼兒以上Includes our four Chinese books, including our Chinese parenting book. Lots of handouts, ppts, videos, mp3, even some books.

Here are the main topics.


We include eight new parenting videos! (Includes both video and audio (mp3).

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