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Basic Step of Discipleship

Intermediate discipleship materials

Intermediate Step of Discipleship

Advanced Disciplehship

Advanced Step of Discipleship

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Bible study on 'False Confidence'

Truth that transforms!

Developing Confidence in the Truth

Basic Discipleship Stage
Basic discipleship stage and BFF materials.
Designing discipleship curriculum
Stages and goals of discipleship
Discipleship Shapers
Learning how Christians grow


Christian Telugu Training Library

Two full-sized books and more!

BFF Hindi Digital Library

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The BFF Telugu Library includes 2 Telugu books:

Finding Peace, Discovering God

(2) The Godly Man: When God Touches a Man's Life>The Godly Man: When God Touches a Man's Life

The Godly Man: When God touches a man's life addresses what changes take place when God touches a man's life in various aspects. This only begins the fun! After you receive the BFF Hindi library, we give you permission to use the articles for powerpoints, etc. for your teaching. Copy them and even pass them on from computer to computer USB (not via web or email).

Put a copy in your church library.Your members can make a copy of the materials! We only ask that it is not done for profit or put on the web. Enjoy these graphic-filled articles. We hope they make you more effective teachers of God's Word, established in His Word and always developing your skill as you depend upon our great and magnificent Lord Jesus Christ!

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