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Romans: Laying a Solid Foundation

Romans: Laying a Solid Foundation

The Bible Teacher's Commentary

Paul J. Bucknell

on Romans 14:1-23

Paul J. Bucknell

Judge Not Others

Romans 14:1-23 Intro | Romans 14:1-6 Conflict | Romans 14:1-2 Accept Others
Discerning Moral and Amoral Issues
Romans 14:3-4 Pride | Romans 14:5-6 Conscience
Romans 14: 7-12 Accountability | Romans 14:13-23 Love
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Romans 14:1-23 Introduction on Judge Not Others provides an overview on how Romans 14 fits into the Book of Romans and introduces the various discussions within chapter 14. Part of The Bible Teacher's Commentary on the Book of Romans.

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In Romans 14 the apostle begins to treat specific issues that have come up as a thorn between the Jewish and Gentile Christians.

The Jews and Gentiles regularly meet up with each other in the same congregation. How are they going to handle these differences. If not properly dealt with, issues such as these eventually lead to a dysfunctional church filled with prideful thoughts and bitterness.

Grace in Me Romans 14:1-6

These troubles still occur in our churches today. How are we to handle them? Though set in a different context from what most of us today face, this passage provides an abundance of relevant teaching to believers today.

Judging Others

General principles on how to treat each other were given in chapters 12-13, but extra insight is needed lest we end up doing evil when we think we are doing the right thing such as we see the believers doing in Romans 14.

1 2 3

Paul risked a lot of misunderstanding as he approached this issue of Christian liberty. As he shows how to handle differences between varying groups, other misunderstandings can develop. These issues of judging others and standards will be dealt with as we go on.

Romans 14

Romans 14 specifically provides instruction as to what love and humility look like in a context where believers are convinced others are in the wrong?

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In this particular case one group of believers judges another group because they have come to different conclusions as to what is good or bad ‘Christian’ behavior.

From one group’s perspective certain traditional religious activities or notions are important to holy living. The other group believes there is nothing wrong with what they are doing.

Paul will continue on and carefully explain how we should think about these matters, no matter whether we are the 'strong' or 'weak' Christian.

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