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“El Fluir”: Iniciando el Crecimiento Espiritual en la Iglesia

Video Seminar Sesión #4

El Fluir: Nivel #1 Explicado e Ilustrado


Español translated from English

“El Fluir”: Iniciando el Crecimiento Espiritual en la Iglesia

Rev. Paul J. Bucknell

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El Fluir: Nivel #1 Explicado e ilustrado muestra cómo implementar el discipulado con los nuevos creyentes usando El Fluir, a través del uso del manual de discipulado 3 X E.

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Spanish Slides: pdf | ppt
Spanish Handout: pdf

3 X E Discipleship

The Flow: Understanding Christian Growth

General Questions

  1. Have you ever discipled anyone at the new believer stage?

  2. What special needs do new believers have?

  3. What new believer discipleship material have you used? How does it compare to the 3XE (Exaltation, Edification, Evangelism) material?

  4. What special hints on personally discipling others did you find here?

  5. If you are not yet discipling another, what holds you back? Ask an older Christian to help you (or help find someone) to work on those areas.

  6. If you are not yet discipling someone, start seeking the Lord in prayer for someone you could disciple at a basic discipleship stage (or even better someone you could sit in with and learn from).


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