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What is the race like?
Can I make it?
Does it really matter?

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Crossing the Line
Readying the Mind
Mastering the Course
Four designs
1) Human sexuality
Life applications
2) Blended Design
Partner Confusion
Being an Overcoming
Escaping homosexuality
Homosexual tendencies
3) Exclusive Design
Loving ones wife
"What if" questions
4) Whole hearted
Assessment time

Deciding to Win

Running the Race
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Overcoming hurdles
Roadside cheer
Feeling overwhelmed
Thoughts controlled!

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God's Sexual Design for our Lives


A Blended Design:



1 male and 1 female = marriage
 Can one overcome homosexuality?                   
 Life Applications


Please note that this 200 series message is primarily for Christians. It is designed to bring hope to those struggling to escape the clutches of homosexuality. If you are not a believer, please start from the starting point of this race.


One might wonder whether God has a certain bias against homosexuals. We need to understand the situation from God's perspective. God has established how male and female should function. Everything is confused when people live contrary to God's ways. In one sense we do not even need scripture to tell us something is wrong. The unnatural acts show that they are going contrary to what is right and good. STDs (sexually transmitted diseases) and AIDS which is associated with such behavior further speaks of God's anger against such people.

What about those who feel like they have inherited homosexual tendencies?
They need to retrace their path. In one way, it is not difficult. Check out a person's physical characteristics. Start there. At least one can be confident about this matter. Are you a boy or girl? What are the roles that God expects you to follow because of this? Understand these affirm these roles for your own life.

However, and not denying what was written above, there are extra difficulties in pulling away from a certain lifestyle. If you look at the passage in Romans 1, you will see the scriptures say that they are ruled by passion rather than principle. They are 'burned in their desire toward one another'. They have been caught in a pattern and lifestyle of what is unnatural. And though it is unnatural and improper, there is still the security of friendships and support. They have then, both unholy passions ruling them, and the security of their support system. And of course, there is the threat of blackmail. It is not easy to turn away from this if they are not convinced about God's ways.

But we must first stop looking at our relationship with others. We must think about our relationship with God. This behavior is clearly an act of rebellion against God's ways. He said don't do it, but you insist on doing it. Granted some of what was done is in ignorance. But there are three cases against you.
    1) One's conscience speaks against such things.
    2) Society and its laws speak against such things.
    3) Nature speaks against you.

God is rightly angry with you. You have no valid excuse. More than that, if you have been practicing sodomy (homosexuality), you have hurt numerous people and perhaps even encouraged others to fall to the same depth of your own depravity. It is possible you already bear the anger of God on you through the 'due penalty' that He brings. As your last resort, you must turn from your ways. Repent and follow God's ways.                                            =>