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God's Sexual Design for our Lives

#2 A Blended Design: Marriage 


   How does one escape homosexuality?
Life Applications

Allow me to list 4 issues that that need to be addressed to begin breaking out of homosexuality. This list is not meant to be a complete list. Many of the other issues one needs to face are more general and apply to others caught in sexual snares. So do read through this whole 'Running the Race' site. But these four are specially addressed to help homosexuals escape their special predicatments. I understand you might be reading this for to gain a better understanding of this topic. That is fine, but remember I will address it as if you yourself are dealing with the problem.

1) Discernment of spirit.
You must first affirm that God has designed the blended marriage (one male and one female) as His design and that homosexuality is contrary to it. Admit clearly what specific homosexual philosophy and practices that you have accepted. Confess each thought, desire and act as rebellion of God's design and God Himself. There is no escape unless you realize this is an issue between God and you. Either you will accept His design or you will insist your thinking is correct.

2) Rejection of passion.
You also must face your lustful passion. Your desires have led you astray. The longer you have followed these passionate feelings, the greater your bondage is to them. You need to recognize that your passions are terribly wrong. You are led by them to do wrong things. As you look at the following statement, see if how it might typify your own rebellious spirit.

"God, I don't care what you say about what I should or should not do. I want to do it my way. I like to do it my way. Leave me alone!"

Once we can see our silent or vocal rebellion for what it is, we need to repent and turn from such thinking and acts. We will discuss how to control our thoughts at a later time. This is similar to those with fornication problems.

3) Facing insecurity.
Security is not a small issue. Businesses, for example, spend a lot of money on good security systems. Most of us without knowing it also have a personal security system. Part of this security system is wired through your lifestyle and your friends. How does one turn away from those which he has developed friends with? As difficult as it might be, it is important that a clear break of lifestyle is necessary. You need to first prepare your heart and then physically remove yourself from them. There are many others who have come out. This is the demand of everyone living a sinful life. Everyone is called to leave something. One might need careful planning - even strategic planning. One might need someone on the other side to help. But you know you are doing what God wants, and He Himself will deliver you. You might think of the image on how God rescued Israel out from Egypt. Whereas others were your security before, now it needs to be God. Ask Him to give you a set of verses to help guide you.

4) Accepting persecution.
One might face the issue of safety. Someone might threaten to expose you if you leave your community. I hope you can see through this lack of love. If they really cared for you, would they really blackmail you? Of course not. They do not like what you are doing because it exposes their wrongness. The question is, "How do you handle the threats?"

Isaiah the prophet described this very thing in his day in 59:15,
         "... And he who turns aside from evil makes himself a prey."

You must be willing to suffer any persecution if God so wills. How? You need to be honest with yourself, and if God requires, with others. In one sense, if they actually reveal your background, it will help you to isolate yourself from them. Do you dare risk it? When you understand how far you have fallen, then you know down in your heart that you rather be alone and be friends with God than with the world. When you have seen the emptiness, the prison one has been locked into, then the taste of clean freedom is wonderfully fresh and strengthening.

These are particular problems homosexuals must face. The depth of darkness will pretty much shape the difficulty in escaping its shadow. But it is very possible. Repentance is needed to follow Christ. God has arranged a new community of God's people to support you. I can't vouch that many know how to talk to a former homosexual. But it is true that few know how to talk to anyone who has been caught in any sin. Unless we have had exposure to such lives, we often do not know how to talk to former bank robbers, murderers, prostitutes, etc. Pray for the right contacts. Pray for God's help. You cannot leave these things by yourself. Only God can help you. Later on, more will be shared on how to overcome surging sexual feelings and temptation.

But for now, get out your confession sheet and continue on. Be as specific as you can. Take up every opportunity to apologize even if people do not agree or understand.