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Book Principles & Practices of Biblical Parenting  Raising Godly Children

Principles & Practices of Biblical Parenting

Raising Godly Children

Training toddlers and up. Seminar audio/videos!

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Paul and Linda J. Bucknell

Principles & Practices of Biblical Parenting provides just what you need to develop a beautiful godly family!

Everyone hopes to have a great family. You CAN have one too!

Perfect to train children from toddlers and up!

Principles & Practices of Biblical Parenting

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  • Introduction {top}

    Principles & Practices of Biblical Parenting stands out among parenting books because it shows how God designed parenting to work – from toddler to teen years. This book maps out the way to a godly family and the means to enjoy the fruits from rich relationships and closeness with God.

    Table of contents, testimonies and description of authors including a recent family picture are below.

    Radio Interview

    Testimonies of Principles & Practices of Biblical Parenting

    "It is Biblical and practical."

    "I learned that I can start to train chldren at an early age so that they will gain self-control and many other disciplines."

    "I liked looking at God's Word and learning how it applies to parenting."

    "Practical examples; practical tips that we can put into practice; Biblically based."

    "Very beneficial. Both practical and "educational" in terms of knowing how to bring up godly children."

    "I like most the lesson about developing self-control for chldren... I have realized that the oneness between dad and mom is the basis for parenting a good, healthy and godly child."


    Contents of Principles & Practices of Biblical Parenting


    God’s Goals for the Family

    Helps parents adopt God's purpose for their family and understand their key role in shaping godly children.

    One Great Team: Dad & Mom

    Develop a scriptural perspective of the responsibility, need and ability for husbands to work along with their wives as teammates in order to produce godly children.

    Parental Authority

    Gain a scriptural perspective of the parents' responsibility to govern their children and apply this to different aspects of disciplining children.


    Cultivating Self-Control in our Children

    Show the need and means of cultivating self-control in our children from an early age in order that they may please God and serve others.

    Child Training & Routines

    Enable parents to understand, use and create effective routines to further their parental training.

    Correcting Our Children

    Develop a scriptural perspective of how to properly deal with disobedient children so that they might become joyful family members.

    Discipline and the Loving Use of the Rod

    Develop a scriptural perspective of chastisement and describe ways to properly administer the rod.

    Setting Boundaries

    Enabling parents to understand how to set up, implement and maintain proper and effective boundaries for their children.


    Raising Godly Children

    Developing and applying biblical principles to provide proper spiritual care for our children.

    Developing Intergenerational Love

    Enable parents to show God's love and truth to their own parents and in-laws during visits with each other.

    Regaining the Trust of Our Teens

    Help parents of older children and teens to regain the hearts of their children who have not been well disciplined or tenderly loved.

    Integrating God’s Truth into our Families

    Describes our own 30+ year trail to become godly parents along with all the ups and downs. Many personal accounts of raising our eight children bring alive all the former lessons.

    Appendix 1 Biblical Parenting, Really?

    (Some parents wonder how a parent can say his parenting methods are Biblical. We explain.)

    Appendix 2 Theology of Parenting

    (Great chart for teachers to get an overview of parenting throughout the scriptures and how it fits into God's overall plan.)

    Appendix 3 Parenting Flow Chart

    (Also great for teaching. This chart shows how God designed parents to bring both grace and truth into the lives of our children.)

    About us! {top}

    Bucknell family 2009We (Paul & Linda) have been married 30+ wonderful years and have been raising children for all but one year!

    These years have humbled and challenged us, taught and sanctified us. This has not changed much with four teens at home and now homeschooling five children!

    Family life has been enriching. The joy from our eight children deepens even further with visits from our two nearby grandchildren (did you see the video above?).

    Principles & Practices of Biblical Parenting carefully presents the teachings we have observed in God’s Word and how they affected the way we raised our children. We wanted more in this book, though.

    Joshua playing in Grandpa's studyWe also share with you practical ways we have guided our children in various situations from tots to teens because of those Biblical truths. We took a long time to learn these things but hope you can learn and quickly profit from them from this book. On the left our grandchild plays in Grandpa's study without touching his books. New generation, same Biblical teachings.

    Our whole family has benefited from the instructions in God’s Word:
    A great marriage
    Good children
    A godly family

    This is what our Lord wants for all of us! {top}

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