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Discover Him and Find His Healing Touch

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The Plan and Outline of Isaiah graphic

The Purpose of Isaiah

The Bible Teaching Commentary

Paul J. Bucknell

The Overview of the Book of Isaiah
The Purpose of Isaiah: Redemptive Chart of Isaiah
The Plan of Isaiah: Light & Dark Diagram
The Chonology of Isaiah
The Outline of Isaiah

Discussions of Main Sections of Isaiah

The Purpose

The purpose of the Book of Isaiah becomes so obvious when one steps back and examines its contents.The judgment of God is so powerfully witnessed in the first part of the book (Isaiah 1-39) but then slowly but fully unfolds God's redeeming grace in the last part of Isaiah (Isaiah 40-66).

The chart below depicts Isaiah 53 as the focal point of the whole Book of Isaiah. The 27 chapters are equally divided into three sections of nine chapters, each ending with a marker verse depicting the lostness of mankind.

Do note how, quite accidentally, the first 39 chapters parallels the number of Old Testament books, while the second half of Isaiah numbers 27, just like the number of New Testament books. In total? 66 chapters of Isaiah match the English breakdown of the Bible with 66 books, 39 and 27!

The Isaiah Centerfold

Isaiah 53 stands at the center of the middle section. It is here in Isaiah 53 that God's unexplainable grace is unfolded like a beautiful flower, and yet one that can be so easily passed by in our busy lives.

Isaiah 53 : Focus of Isaiah is where judgment becomes redemption.
Isaiah 40-48
God’s gracious
dealings with man
Isaiah 49-58
God’s gracious
provision of redemption
Isaiah 59-66
God’s gracious
promises of hope
Theme of Isaiah: Judgment leads up to redemption

In the first 39 chapters we have seen a convincing portrayal of the adulterous Israel running off and making alliances with Assyria, Egypt and Babylonia. God persisted after them, but they resisted.

God could not use Israel to be a light to the nations but instead revealed how in spite of them He would find an Israelite who would do all of His will. This Servant, though facing great difficulties to accomplish His calling, would again issue forth hope and light springing up from Israel to all the world."I could not do without Thee"  - Havergal

Chapters 1-39 of Isaiah should not be separated from chapters 40-66. The first section forms the basis for the later. If we wanted to oversimplify this book, we would say the first section reveals the weaknesses of God's people while the last section effectively deals with them.

One may object that God has a lot to say about the world too. This is true. However, Isaiah is not written because of the world but because of those He has graciously chosen out of the world.

In summary, we confess that we simply do not comprehend the wonder that God has spoken to anyone at all. He has exercised His abundant grace by speaking to us.

His Word indeed doesn't help everyone, but then, they don't want to hear Him speak anyway. Those who are looking for help, however, will find abundant help in Yahweh, the Lord of the heavens. No matter how intense the darkness, He is bringing help to those who seek Him.