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Christian Premarital Counseling Manual for Counselors

- Preparing the Two to Be One -

Christian Premarital Counseling

Wise Decision Making in a Marriage

Session #3

Rev. Paul J. Bucknell

Intro | Design | Communication | Decisions | Finances | Differences | Intimacy
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'Wise Decision Maker in a Marriage' (Session #3) helps an engaged couple learn to make bigger decisions ahead of time as well as resolve misunderstandings in a biblical manner. Discussing family planning is provided as one topic that needs to be resolved earlier on.Wise Decision making for Couples

The couple must positively use the scriptures to guide their decisions and conversation.They will differ, but each opinion is to be respected. One needs to go to God’s word to better understand why one should make a certain decision.

Time Distribution

Discuss any Homework (5-20’).

- Any forms from last week? (Discuss now or during lesson).

- Are they reading the book? Anything interesting?

- Are they reading God’s Word and praying together?

Discuss Handout #3 (60’)

Building a Great MarriagePlan ahead

Don’t get caught offguard. Look ahead and see when stressful times will arise or hard decisions coming up. Pray and discuss ahead of time. Remember they are just getting to know each other.

Handling misunderstandings

There are two kinds of problems measured by their intensity: Common and serious. Discuss how the couple should and will handle disagreements. What to do when one offends the other? What to do when you offend another?

Read aloud.

Read aloud the bottom paragraph, ‘Words express… “ at an appropriate time.

    Premarital Counseling
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Discuss Family Planning (see page 2)

This is one pertinent issue that is not to be left to the wedding night to decide! The scriptures are clear on how God wants to bless marriages through having children.

Historically, the couple should understand that the church did not accept the notion of family planning. Birth control was considered immoral by the church. Leave the last section as homework. See if they can talk about it.

End with prayer requests and prayer (10’).

Assign homework

  • Discuss family planning at home and observe your ability to discuss this important issue.

  • Keep reading, “The Family: God’s Weapon for Victory” by Robert Andrews.

  • Fill in the following forms below for the next session. Return them before the session.

  • Financial_Perspectives pdf
  • Budget_First-Year
  • Have them prepare a simple wedding budget (no form)

We will next look at session #4, Finances & Marriage Next -

Preparing the needed biblical understanding, convictions and attitudes that enable singles to prepare for great marriages even if a prospective mate is not in sight!

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