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Discipleship 2 bilingual: English into Luganda

Discipleship Training Seminar #7

D2 Reaching Beyond Mediocrity: Becoming an Overcomer -
Omutendera Mu buyigirizwa 2 Okukunukiriza Ebisinga Ebimala

#7 Embracing God’s Love, Overcoming Lust - Okuwangula Okwaka: Okuwambatira Okwagala kwa Katonda

Translated from English into Luganda (Uganda)

Rev. Paul J. Bucknell

Video/audio Training: #1 Hope | #2 Choice | #3 Strength | #4 Fight
Overcome...: #5 Anxiety | #6 Pride | #7 Lusts | #8 Anger
#9 Depression | #10 Overcomer

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Purpose: Overcome Lusts: Embrace God's Love helps one discover how to exchange inferior sexual lusts for the power of God's love! Lusts have become so commonly entertained that they are now considered normal in many places. The Lord shows us how we must overcome such lusts in order to see the power of God's love expressed through our lives. Lusts, after all, is just another form of selfism-antichrist. Embracing God's Love: Overcoming Lusts is the seventh lesson in the Discipleship Level 2: Reaching Beyond Mediocrity. Bilingual: English into Luganda.

me and prideZuula engeri ey’okuwanyisiganya okwewulira n’okulumirizibwa kw’okwaka olw’amaanyi g’okwagala kwa Katonda!

Okwaka kufuuse kwa bulijjo nga kulowozebwa nga kwa buntu. Nedda! Mukama atulaga engeri gyetuteekwa okuwangula okwaka okwo mu ngeri tusobole okulaba amaanyi g’okwagala kwa Katonda nga kulabisibwa okuyita mu bulamu bwaffe. Okwaka, byonna nga biwedde, nayo ngeri ndala yakwefaako weka-omuwakanya wa Kristo. Okuwanbatira okwagala kwa Katonda: okuwangula okwaka lw’essomo ely’omusanvu mu buyigirizwa edala 2: Okukunukiriza Ebisinga Ebimala.

Sorry, we were not able to record the audio/video of Session #7. Please download the Luganda notes or continue onto session #8.


Reaching Beyond Mediocrity - Being an Overcomer
Omutendera Mu buyigirizwa 2
#7 Embracing God’s Love, Overcoming Lust - Okuwangula Okwaka: Okuwambatira Okwagala kwa Katonda
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intermediate discipleship stage and BFF materials.
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7 principles on excellent teaching.
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