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Discipleship 2 bilingual: English into Luganda

Audio Discipleship Training Seminar #8

D2 Reaching Beyond Mediocrity: Becoming an Overcomer -
Omutendera Mu buyigirizwa 2 Okukunukiriza Ebisinga Ebimala

#8 Possessing God’s Patience, Overcoming Anger - Okuwangula Obusungu: Okufuna Obuguminkiriiza bwa Katonda

Translated from English into Luganda (Uganda)

Rev. Paul J. Bucknell

Video/audio Training: #1 Hope | #2 Choice | #3 Strength | #4 Fight
Overcome...: #5 Anxiety | #6 Pride | #7 Lusts | #8 Anger
#9 Depression | #10 Overcomer

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Purpose: Possessing God’s Patience: Overcoming Anger #8 not only shows how to overcome anger but on how to gain the patience to rightly handle difficult people and situations. This is the eighth audio in the Discipleship Level 2: Reaching Beyond Mediocrity. Bilingual: English into Luganda.

The claw of angerFaayo engeri Katonda gy’asumululamu okwefuga eri Mukama asobozesa omu okuyimirira okusinga obusungu we buyinza okusanga n’obukyaayi bwabwo.

Essomo lino likebera empulira ay’omubirowoozo ne mu mwoyo ey’obusungu. Omuntu ow’obusungu talina kufuga ku nsi ye era mu kutabulwa agezaako okufuna okufuga okuyita mu bukambwe, okutisatisa, n’emungeri etakirizika. Ebivaamu kwe kutabulwa okusingaawo, okufiirwa okwefuuga, n’obusunga obungi.

Click below to listen to the mp3 audio on Possessing God’s Patience, Overcoming Anger - Okuwangula Obusungu: Okufuna Obuguminkiriiza bwa Katonda

Reaching Beyond Mediocrity - Being an Overcomer
Omutendera Mu buyigirizwa 2
#8 Possessing God’s Patience, Overcoming Anger -
Okuwangula Obusungu: Okufuna Obuguminkiriiza bwa Katonda
Downloads: Video | Audio | Handout: English - Luganda


Know someone with a problem of anger? Learn how anger hurts people and where it comes from. Acquire the skills to help angry people become those who patiently accomplish God’s will.

(1) Observe the times you get angry.
(2) Tracing Anger Responses
(3) Preventing Anger
(4) Combating Anger
(5) Six Practical Steps in Overcoming Anger

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7 principles on excellent teaching.
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