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Developing Love in Your Marriage

Study Questions for Developing Love in Your Marriage

Readings: Discovery of Love | Importance of Love | Steps to Developing Love

Paul J. Bucknell

Study questions for the mini series 'Developing Love in your Marriage'. The questions take you through the steps of identifying love, understanding love, adopting this true love as well as applying His love to your marriages.


1) How many kinds of love do we find in this world?

2) Why is the human kind of love is greatly limited?

3) What is the strength and weakness of human love between a man and a woman?

4) What is the strength and weakness of human love between a mother and her child?

5) What is the strength and weakness of human love between a man and his country?

6) Although we are grateful for such expressions of love, what happens when we think this is the full version of love that God wanted us to have?

7) Are these expressions of human love from God? Explain.

8) What are two purposes of this human love?

9) How can we receive this divine love?

10) What are the two crucial ingredients to divine love?

11) Why is it that human love fails but not God's love?


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1) What kind of marital problems have you yourself witnessed? Did divorces or separations occur or were they happening within a marriage still holding together?

2) What kind of love were marriages designed to function upon?

3) What happens to the good memories in troubled marriages?

4) What is the weakness of human love?

5) Where can we get a picture of this divine love? Describe it.

6) List three words in Romans 5:6-8 that describe man's unworthiness to receive God's love.

7) What two things did Christ do through His death?

8) Describe what God's love in a marriage looks like.

9) What is the difference between politeness and love?

10) What are the two choices that everyone has to choose between?

11) Have you chosen to live by God's love? Read through this prayer. If you are not a Christian, ask Him to make you one. If you are, simply reconfirm your heart's purpose to live by His divine love.

The Steps to Developing Love in Marriage

1) What are two ways marriage fosters deeper and more wholesome relationships?

2) Is there hope if one spouse is an unbeliever?

3) The key to ________ marriages is getting our love and acceptance from _______ rather than our partners.

4) what does the first step of Making Commitments ask us to do?

5) Why does the growth of love go ever so slow in some cases?

6) How do you know God is working with you to overcome some certain problem?

7) What are a few things we can do to 'love with His love?'

8) What should we do if we don't feel like loving the other person?

9) What are the two goals of love that we need to stay faithful toward?

10) If we are going to grow in love, what must become our chief delight?

11) What part does faith play in loving our spouses?

12) Why is it important to pray regularly with your spouse?

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