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Basic Discipleship Introduction and materials

Basic Step of Discipleship

Intermediate discipleship materials

Intermediate Step of Discipleship

Advanced Disciplehship

Advanced Step of Discipleship

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Bible study on 'False Confidence'

Truth that transforms!

Developing Confidence in the Truth

Basic Discipleship Stage
Basic discipleship stage and BFF materials.
Designing discipleship curriculum
Stages and goals of discipleship
Discipleship Shapers
Learning how Christians grow


BFF's Malawi Library

Bilingual: English & Chichewa

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Bilingual: English into Chichewa

Chichewa1 D1 marriage dvd Leadership-Family-Bible

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Discipleship, Marriage and Bible. Tell your friends! Buy one for a friend, pastor or missionary!

All our Chichewa Biblical resources in one place!

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Descriptions below: Discipleship 1 | Leadership/Bible & Family | Building a Godly Marriage


Each of the Chichewa library resources are packed full of great resources. More specific descriptions are below. Available bilingual videos, audios (mp3s) are included. English books, handouts and powerpoints are also supplied along with Chichewa handouts. See description below.

Please note that most of these materials are available online as our service for you. These Libraries are offered at discount price for those not having good online services or for gifts. Feel free to see whether you as a fulltime Christian worker qualify for free materials.

Chichewa Disciple Library

BFF Chichewa D1 DVD

Purpose of this Discipleship Pastor Seminar: Provide quality Biblical teaching on discipleship in the Chichewa (Malawi) language so to help pastors, evangelists and church planters to understand and develop the growth of the church.


Chichewa Leadership, Bible and Parenting Library

BFF Chichewa D1 DVD

Kapangidwe ka Mtsogoleri Wa Umulungu
The Making of a Godly Leader

Christian Leadership & Bible Index

Audio mp3 Sessions English & Chichewa

#1 The Godly Leader Accepts God’s Design for His life - Mtsogoleri Wa Umulungu Amavomereza Chi konzero cha Mulungu pa Moyo Wache

#2 A Godly Leader Endures Hardship and Finds Reward - Mtsogoleri Wa Umulungu Amapirira Zokhoma ndipo amapeza Mphotho

#3 Caring for the New Believer - Kusamalira okhulupirira a tsopano

#4 Caring for the Young & Mature Believer - Kusamalira Okhulupirira Okhwima msinkhu.

#5 Stepping into God's Peace - Kupeza Mtendere wa Mulungu, Philippians 4:2-9 - Afilipi 4:2-9

#6 The Book of Job and Anxieties

#7 Three Principles for Christian Growth - Ephesians 4:21-24

Kuyenda ndi YesuKuyenda ndi Yesu

Kukhala mwa Khristu

Abiding in Christ – Walking with Jesus


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Building a Great Marriage - Kumanga Banja La Mphamvu

Bilingual audios, Chichewa handouts and English book, handouts and powerpoints.

Faith: Chikhulupiriro ( Mutu 1-4)

#1 Restoring Hope To Your Marriage - Kubwezeretsa Chiyembekezo M'banja Lanu

#2 Unconditional Love - Kugonja Pozichepetsa

#3 Humble Submission - Umodzi Wa Muyaya

#4 Oneness Forever - Umodzi Wa Muyaya

Forgiveness: Kukhululukirana (Mutu 5-7)

#5 Understanding & Overcoming Marital Conflict (1/2) - Yankho Pamabvuto

#6 Resolving Marital Crises & Avoiding Conflict (2/2) - Kuthetsa Kusagwirizana ndi Kupewa Mabvuto Gawo

#7 Replacing Marital Bitterness with Forgiveness - Kuthetsa Zowawaza M’banja Pokhululukirana

Friendship: Ubale (Mutu 8-10)

#8 Cultivating Intimacy in Your Marriage - Kukhazikitsa Chiyanjano M’Banja

#9 Developing Trust & Intimacy in Marriage - Kukhazikitsa Chidaliro Ndi Chiyanjano M’banja

#10 "Love Never Fails" - “Chikondi Sichilephera”

Enjoy this media-rich Christian training. We hope they make you more faithful followers of Christ and more effective teachers of God's Word. As you establish your life and training upon His Word, He will develop your life and ministry to bring glory to our magnificent Lord Jesus Christ!

We list most of the series and individual articles on the following pages. Please allow for minor changes due to updating files. Please don't forget to join the RSS feeds (free) so that you can keep up-to-date touch with newly added BFF training material!

We have done our best to record what is included in your purchase. If anything, we have added even more!

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