ADT Distinctives and Values

ADT is a curriculum, passion and vision that encourages and enables churches to take responsibility of training her own leaders.

• Experiencing Christ's presence

Unabashedly together seek Christ in all our studying, conversation and ministry.

• Living as community 

Increased accountability, learning and blessing occurs when living and serving in close proximity to other brothers.

• Short term and intensive

Emphasis is to train while serving. Avoid creating an unreal world with false assumptions and expectations.

• Remain part of own church

Be able to train right in your own church and therefore keep the Spirit's momentum going rather than sending these leaders away. Even if we send them into missions, this too is part of our church vision.

• Local church controlled

The church decides what is to be done. Developing leaders learn to discern God's will through the church rather than an on an unhealthy individualism – what is best for me.

• Relevant training

The local church best understands its problems and therefore can focus training on those areas of special and regular need.

• Developing godly lives

The emphasis on godly training remains high throughout the training process. Without godly lives we dare not lead others.

• Deepen training in God's Word

Training is rigorous but not analytical in emphasis. We strive to develop good habits of meeting God in His Word. Focus is given on understanding whole Bible books and their relationship to life.

• Minimal costs

Our purpose is to free God's people into service rather than enslaving them in loans and focus them on high paying positions that enable them to pay off high fees.

• Biblical doctrines

The local church can emphasize the doctrines they feel as important within the walls of biblical instructions and principles.

• Sustained and expanded through worshipful prayer

Prayer is the heart of learning, training and ministry. We need to learn to depend more on God as well as be humbled in His awesome presence.

• Reproducible in big and small churches

Due to its flexibility, the program and curriculum can be easily adjusted for different circumstances and cultures.

• Materials are virtually free and adaptable

BFF allows each training center and church to produce their own custom-made copies with BFF materials.

• Focused on life ministry

We integrate training of life with knowledge. Marriage, personal problems, and parenting are all important parts of training the individual.

• Confidence in God's provision

With a desperate focus on equipping the saints, we learn to trust God to care for our lives while we faithfully serve Him.

Our vision to finish the Great Commission in this generation makes us desperate to train up the necessary well-trained leaders to accomplish this task. We believe God will work with us as we step forward in faith.

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